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Strategic HRM Plan

Strategic HRM Plan

Human resource goals support organizational goals in various ways. First, human resource goals identify and recruit talent for the company’s operations. Therefore, the quality of talent recruited by the company’s human resources will determine the effectiveness of company operations and, eventually, the outcomes in firm performance. Second, the company’s human resources aims to protect the company from lawsuits relating to legal requirements and maintain an ethical hiring process. By avoiding lawsuits, savings are made, thus enhancing the company’s net income (Sorribes et al., 2021). Lastly, the company’s human resources aim to negotiate and write employee contracts with effective salaries and benefits. It is important to note that salaries and employee benefits form a significant part of expenses that lessen the wealth created by the company as an organizational goal to maximize wealth (Anwar & Abdullah, 2021). Thus, it is clear that human resource objectives play a role in achieving organizational goals.

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Organization description

Lumen Technologies is an American telecommunications company that offers network, communications, managed services, voice, and cloud solutions. As of 2022, the company employed 29,000 people, indicating a huge human resource held by the company (Lumen, 2023). Although an American company headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana in the US, the company has a global presence.

SWOT Analysis


The company has a diverse service portfolio. Lumen Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services, including cloud computing, data storage, cyber security, communication solutions, and IT services. This diversification helps Lumen cater to various customer needs and adapt to changing market demands. Secondly, it has an extensive infrastructure network. Lumen Technologies boasts a vast network of over 450,000 route miles of fibre, giving them a strong competitive advantage in providing reliable and high-speed connectivity to customers worldwide. Furthermore, the company has a strong market presence. Lumen Technology has a significant market presence, especially in the United States. Their established brand reputation and wide customer base generate a stable revenue stream.


Firstly, the company faces intense competition from other companies. The telecommunications industry is highly competitive, with many players vying for market share. Lumen Technologies faces stiff competition from other major companies and emerging startups. Secondly, the company is vulnerable to legacy systems and integration challenges. Lumen Technologies’ long history has led to legacy systems, which can be costly to maintain and integrate with modern solutions, potentially hindering agility and scalability.


Firstly, the company’s 5G Implementation offers it many opportunities. The rollout of 5G networks presents a significant opportunity for Lumen to expand its services and offer enhanced connectivity solutions to customers, particularly in IoT and smart city initiatives. Secondly, the growth of Cloud Services provides a great opportunity for the company. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions, Lumen can leverage its existing infrastructure and expertise to capitalize on the growing demand for cloud services. Furthermore, the proliferation of IoT devices offers Lumen an opportunity to provide connectivity and support services to organizations looking to embrace IoT technologies.


            Firstly, telecommunications regulation and policy changes could impact Lumen’s operations, leading to compliance challenges and potential financial implications. Secondly, the proliferation of cybersecurity risks threatens the company. With an increasing reliance on digital technologies, the company faces the constant threat of cyber-attacks. A major breach could damage Lumen’s reputation and lead to customer attrition. Lastly, the existing economic Volatility may deter the company’s inward investment. Furthermore, economic downturns and market uncertainties can affect corporate spending, potentially leading to reduced demand for Lumen’s services.

SMART Human Resource Goals

The first goal is to enhance employee retention by reducing turnover by 15% within the next 12 months. Secondly, foster a diverse and inclusive workforce by hiring at least 30% underrepresented groups in leadership positions over the next two years. Lastly, the company should enhance its employee skill sets for digital transformation by increasing the number of employees with digital skill sets by 20% within the next 18 months.

Alignment of Human Resources Goals and Strategic Plans

Aligning human resources goals with strategic plans is crucial for Lumen Technologies to ensure the effective execution of its organizational vision and objectives. Human resource leadership should collaborate closely with top management to understand the company’s strategic direction and long-term goals. Notably, this can be done by identifying the key areas where the workforce can contribute significantly, and human resources leadership can develop specific and measurable human resources goals that support the strategic plans (Noe et al., 2021). For instance, if the strategic plan involves expanding into new markets, HR can set objectives to recruit and train employees with language and cultural expertise in those regions.

Proposal For a Job Design Initiative

A proposal for Lumen Technologies’ job design initiative entails enhancing organizational agility and fostering employee growth by implementing a cross-functional rotation program. Notably, this program will enable employees to gain expertise in multiple domains, ensuring a versatile and adaptable workforce to support the company’s strategic objectives. Employees will rotate through different departments and projects to acquire diverse skill sets and experience.


The report has explored Lumen Technologies and its background and conducted a SWOT analysis to assess the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It then proposed three SMART human resources goals to improve employee retention, foster diversity and inclusion, and enhance the digital skillset of the workforce to align with Lumen’s strategic plans. By addressing these key HR objectives, Lumen can position itself for success in an increasingly competitive telecommunications industry. Aligning human resources with organizational goals will empower Lumen to cultivate a talented, diverse, and adaptable workforce, driving innovation and sustained growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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Obtain the instructor’s approval on the selected organization before writing the Strategic HRM Proposal.

Write a 750-1,000 word strategic human resource management plan. The purpose of this assignment is to simulate the thought process managers use to connect unit goals with organizational strategy. The students are not expected to produce a detailed strategic plan (which, in actual organizations, can exceed 100 pages). Rather, the expectation is that students demonstrate consideration of the multiple complexities involved in strategic planning.

Strategic HRM Plan

Strategic HRM Plan

The assignment is centred on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) model of analysis and the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) model of goal setting.

Access the GCU Library, relevant course resources, and Internet resources to research SWOT analysis and SMART goals.

Select an organization to research that has a description of the organization and necessary information available to conduct a SWOT analysis and develop SMART goals.

The Strategic HRM Plan should be in the form of a professional report. There is no single, correct manner of presentation. Critical and creative thinking is expected. The formatting is secondary to the content and application of knowledge. However, the proposal should be organized in a readily comprehensible manner that conveys a thorough understanding of course objectives. Graphics, bulleted lists, and charts are acceptable. Include the following:

An introduction that outlines how the human resource goals support the organizational goals
Summary of the organizational description
A SWOT analysis
Three human resource goals that fulfill the SMART criteria
Alignment of human resources goals and strategic plans
Proposal for a job design initiative or an organizational hiring goal to meet the human resource goals and organizational goals.
A conclusion that summarizes the highlights of the plan is presented
Incorporate 3-5 resources (including your textbook) to support your Strategic HRM Plan.
Textbook: Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. M. (2021). Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ISBN-13: 9781260780765.

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