Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This section is put in place to bring an emphasis and clarity on what information we acquire, how it is put into use and reasons behind us accessing the information. We are also specifying the safety of information provided to us by our clients. Controls to manage what information we can access are available to our clients.

This section will be filled with content for clarity but will also be simple. Privacy agreements are laid in place for clients to accept. We advise clients to read through and comprehend the detailed instructions. Accepting means the client agrees with the company’s instructions.

Types of data we collect

Our high-end service providence is brought forth via the information gathered.

Personal information

Generally, this is information provided to us by the client willingly. During accessing our website, certain information requests appear. Clients fill in information such as names, usernames, account passwords, email, contact detail, birthday, gender, and files uploaded.

Personal information is used for client identification and thus you must ensure everything is accurate to the last detail. We also use the data provided to offer the best services and promote customer satisfaction.

This information provided is also used for communication during and after service delivery. Information provided enables the client to get updates on current offers and acts as a subscription.

Payment information

We offer different forms of payment to receive money. A third-party processor is necessary for the payment sector. This ensures information like card and bank details are kept safe. The processor provides our company with IP address information to ensure it is truly the client who is doing the ordering. The processor company also let u know of website visits and improve the performance even when multiple clients are using the services.

Uses of personal information

This information is important for various reasons. The simplest reason is account creation, our customers can create passwords for security purposes. You can also access our services and request feedback.

Information provided is also used in the processing of payments. Sometimes pop-ups for one-time passwords appear or in other cases slots for keying in the client’s password. Having payment information already added to your account is an added advantage as it is fast

Information acquired enables response to our clients with ease and efficiency. This section of updating clients involves giving work updates, information on terms and conditions changes, and giving current offers.

Customers can use their emails to subscribe to our services. It promotes successful communication, helps us offer services to our customers in a more personalized manner, and also offers customer support services for any inquiries or orders made.

Information Sharing

We have contracts that may lead to sharing of our customer’s information. Third parties who perform various services for us are given access to specific information to help us improve our services. Information sharing is also unavoidable in cases of mergers or transfer of ownership.

All these parties have signed confidential contracts stating they are not allowed to share or disclose this information to other people. They are also not permitted to use the information provided to them unless it is requested of them. Customer information can only be used for the intended purposes.

Information sharing is also necessary when legal actions like subpoenas need to be followed up. It is also necessary for us to ensure that both our rights and our customers are protected and that maximum protection from fraud and other threats is enforced.

Availability of third-party website links

Our website contains advertisements and pop-ups. The advertisements do not necessarily mean that our company endorses the so-called content. They contain links that direct clients present on our website to their website. The safety of the advertisement and the services offered are not guaranteed.

 Responsibility based on information offered to the so-called advertisement does not fall on our hands. Review the policies present on the websites you visit via the advertisement to comprehend the instructions provided.

How long do we hold on to your information?

Information is deleted or in other cases, it is stored in backup archives. In the case of storage, it is done because of either tax accounting or other legal requirements. In the storage scenario, the information is stored safely till the deletion option is available.

Safeguarding your information

Information processed is stored behind firewalls that ensure that hackers and cyber- crime individuals have no access to your relevant material. Security measures present during the handling of information also ensure that data does not leak. In the case of ever-changing technology, we are sure that attempts to access the information are made but having currently updated personnel ensures that it does not happen. We do our best to secure data from unauthorized access.

What privacy rights do you possess?

Data protection laws are put in place for customers. They ensure customers’ safety in any business transactions. A couple of favorable rights are listed under the data protection laws.

Customers can access their data whenever they want. It is also possible to change any information initially provided and also erase any information from the records. You are also free to contact us if you need to transfer data. You also have the right to forbid us from using your data in places you are not comfortable.

Reach out to us about your privacy

If you need clarity about any privacy policy present on our website, reach out to us via our contact channels.