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A personal statement is a form of writing that contains a detailed description of interests, goals, and the already achieved. Usually, it is used during university applications and job requests. It explains and gives a clear-cut picture of a person. Personal statements give a chance for someone to be noticed based on the experience they have and unique talents. Personal statements for university are usually longer and more detailed.

Quality personal statement writing service

To provide the best personal statement writing services, eminence papers has to consider handing clients quality material. Quality material is graded in terms of instructions offered by the client, content present, and addition of creativity. Writing styles, formatting, and citations also add quality to the material being written.

We offer our clients personal statement writers to ensure the quality of material the client gets is unmatched in the market. This feature of having a writer who is in direct communication with the client ensures that detailed instructions are followed. Whenever a client requires clarity, the writer is very accessible to ensure smooth service delivery. Online personal statement help can be quite hectic if a client doesn’t have direct access to the writer.

Reliable personal statement services

On reliability, clients consider if they will get the personal statement on time. Applications to universities and jobs are very time-rigid and thus writers are provided with deadlines to finish the work. We ensure that the personal statement is already revised and submitted to our clients before the deadline the client placed. On-time delivery is important.

The other case of reliability revolves around being available whenever needed. We as a company pride ourselves on the fact that we have serviced lots of clients over the years without turning anyone back. We are sure to present to offer our clients assistance whenever we are needed.

Get 100% privacy

During enrollment and ordering on our system, the exchange of information is imminent. Clients provide their names and additional details that require to be kept private. Information is well-kept from hackers with the use of firewalls. We recommend our clients read the user agreement during acceptance to use our website in the case of third-party companies and advertisements that appear on our website.

Confidentiality also revolves around the case of people who do not want their school or whoever offered them the job to know the existence of ghostwriters. In such a case, the deletion of data is done after service delivery.

Some sections of adding data are optional. The paramount ones are how we will be able to contact you and the means of payment.

Student-friendly personal statement writing prices

This is a major parameter as being pocket friendly is of great importance when considering the market is mostly students. At, having cheap prices does not mean a reduction in quality. As quoted and explained earlier quality is an important aspect of a paper to have. It is of great importance to our client and should be treated accordingly.

Most students are on a tight budget and considering finances when choosing where to get services from. We as a company have this kind of pricing to accommodate everyone.

We have a 20% bonus when one log in on our website. The promotional code is SAVE20 for this special discount.

Secure payment methods

We have different forms of payment systems available to suit the comfort of the client. The forms of payments range from mobile wallets to banking systems. The payments and details provided on the website are our official payment methods. Confirmation is done by our customer service. Once a customer pays they contact our customer service to ensure the payment has gone through and has been received on our end.

Payments are done according to how the client and the customer service agree. Some clients do not usually have the full amount during the ordering of the paper. If this is the situation a client is currently facing, we advise visiting customer service.

Money back guarantee

This is not a topic most businessmen prefer to talk about. This is because when a client and a service provider reach this point, it means there is no way back. We ensure that this case is not reached as we have placed mechanisms and have quality writers with experience. The seasoned writers have experience giving satisfactory material to clients.

We have a team that takes on the case between the client and the writer. The goal is to conclude who made the mistake. The document written by the writer is checked and instructions given by the client are checked too. This is to see if the writer did abide by the rules given to him.

If this case reaches, we assure our clients to refund the payment. We do know that the payment is no consolation for mistakes. The person who made the mistake is punished to ensure this does not repeat.

Experienced personal statement writing staff at our company

We should start with the tech department. This department is involved with the creation and maintenance of the website. We ensured that our website is easy to use. Clients can read and order whatever they want. Our website is One can use it using any website. Our technology dept. is very educated on web designing to ensure you have comfort.

In case you need clarity, you proceed to customer service. This department constitutes welcoming qualities. We hire people who have experience in management and conversing with people eloquently. All questions are welcome to be tackled here.

Writers are the backbone of our company. We hire writers with achievements and experience writing. This ensures that service delivery is smooth without contradiction or slowing through the teaching process. As explained earlier, a client get a professional personal statement writer. We ensure our writers are up to date with the knowledge required in the writing of personal statements.

Everyone in the company signs a non-disclosure agreement. This is to ensure information is kept private. No work is carried from workstations to workers’ homes.

Readily available written material

We have the option to buy personal statements online. This is categorized into two. The first one is for clients who are in a hurry and need a material that is readily written and requires less twitching. This form of personal statement material is written in the format of a template. This is to ensure ease of customization.

The second one is for those clients who want samples to use to write a personal statement. Plenty of material is present on our website for assistance.

Plagiarism free personal statements

Having original material is paramount in the writing industry. We have mechanisms put to ensure that material forwarded to our clients is plagiarism free. Writers incur penalties if found plagiarism material. We pride ourselves on doing research and writing good material.

Client Review

On our website, there is a segment that majors in client reactions and comments. We have a rating of 4.9 out of 5. This is a rating we cherish. Comments present will prove if our clients do get whatever service they ordered.

We also have reviews on other places like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Reviews are confirmations of reactions of previous clients. Reviews are important as clients get comfort from them.

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