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Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the Corporate Ladder In truth, it is the dream of every career person to clinch or occupy the topmost position in an organization. For one, it serves as a good return on investment (ROI) on...

Leadership Development at L’oreal

Leadership Development at L’oreal Why do you think L’Oreal invests so much in leadership development? L’Oreal believes that leadership development matters and starts at the...

Framing the Problem/Opportunity

Framing the Problem/Opportunity Market conditions Online shopping is a significant mode of transaction between merchants and clients. However, most online shoppers add items to their cart and then...

Apple Supply Chain

Apple Supply Chain Supply Chain Diagram Supply Chain Plan A supply chain plan includes proper coordination of assets to optimize the delivery of services, goods, and information from the supplier to...

Statistical Process Control Methods-Apple

Statistical Process Control Methods-Apple Part 1: Process Evaluation The Six Sigma methodology is applied in organizations to eliminate or minimize defects in various processes. Six Sigma utilizes...

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