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Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

Response To Classmate

Hello, Interesting question you asked; really, why should it matter whether the scrapping of minimum wage will affect teens? After all, most teens live with their parents. It got me thinking too, and I checked out some articles. The teens mentioned in this case are those between 16 and 19. My view on the matter is this; most teens get jobs, especially summer jobs, to relieve the economic burden on their parents to whatever extent. Some do minimum wage jobs to earn skills, such as a teen wanting to improve their customer relations skills. Teens also get the opportunity to experience work life, learn how to cope with co-workers, report to a manager, and meet targets. They also learn how to manage their money upon receiving their paychecks. Working teens are likely to build character, be responsible, keep appointments, become committed and focused, and taste the natural world of working. Additionally, working keeps teens busy and could be a deterrent from getting involved in mischief and crime.

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The article by Employment Policies Institutes notes that increasing the minimum wage would force small businesses to lay off unskilled workers, and this is where teens fall. It also states that minority teens were most likely to be affected, leading to many inexperienced, un-schooled minority teens being idle. It is expected that when this number of teens grows, the crime rates will likely increase. And not just the teens would suffer; small businesses would also. When a small business reduces its staff numbers, the quality of service is likely to be affected negatively, reducing the business’ profitability. So, yes, any changes in the minimum wage would affect teens in several ways.

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Employment Policies Institute. Minimum Wage: Teen Unemployment.


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Should Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws be Eliminated?

Hello, I received responses from students about how minimum wage affects our economy, and I need help responding to my Classmate’s question.

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

Classmate’s Posts

Hi, I read several of the same articles, and the statement stood out to me. They group teenagers into the group who most work for minimum wage. I think my question is–how? Teens aren’t supporting a family (or not usually), don’t pay household bills, medical insurance, or expenses, and benefit significantly from being in their parent(s) house. I think they group them in because they fall in the age over 16, including the 16-19 year olds. Why do you think the minimum wage adversely affects them?

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