Popular Questions - Peer Responses

PEW Quiz

PEW Quiz Responding to Instructor Instructor, Thank you for the informative video. By solid liberals, I meant individuals who do not waiver on their stand on issues they support. They consistently...


Telehealth Response to Classmate Hello, Great post! I like your response regarding telehealth and the role that communication plays. I realize that telehealth can be either synchronous or...

International Organizations

International Organizations Response to Faculty Hello Professor Hellen, Diplomacy is defined as the established way of influencing the behavior and decisions of a foreign government as well as its...

Eliciting Emotions

Eliciting Emotions Response to Classmate 1 Hello, I agree with you. Eliciting emotions is not the best way of persuading someone of something true. Even though it might work sometimes, most people...

Why Political Science

Why Political Science Responding to Victoria Hello Victoria, Thank you for sharing your post. I, too, had a distaste for politics and, more so, during the campaign period. It reached a point where I...

Circular Argument

Circular Argument Response to Classmate 1 Hello, I agree with you; Descartes presents an example of a circular argument. The lack of substantial evidence of God’s existence leaves many people to...

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