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Management Team and Organization Plan

Management Team and Organization Plan

The Legal Form of The Business

Sustainable World will adopt a partnership form of business. A partnership usually includes two or more individuals who come together to fund and run a business directly or indirectly. A partnership is ideal because the partners can contribute towards the required start-up funds. They also contribute skills and experience, increasing the business’ efficiency. However, decision-making and the possibility of conflict are present in this legal form of business. To control such situations, the partners should create a partnership deed, which governs the businesses’ activities as regards everyone’s responsibilities (Daron, 2017).

Management Philosophy and Desired Organizational Culture

‘Sustainable World’s management intends to create an environment that facilitates open communication, creativity, risk-taking, innovation, and shared decision making.’

This philosophy of management should encourage employees at all levels to offer opinions regarding product development, customer service, and overall business efficiency. Being a fashion industry player, creativity and innovation are important for differentiation in the market. Such a culture will play a key role in helping the company create unique designs that set it apart in the market. The management expects the culture to promote commitment from employees, which will lead to excellent customer service because associates will feel valued.

Ethics and Social Responsibility Statement

‘Sustainable World’ is responsible for ensuring that its activities do not negatively interfere with the natural and built environment or affect the social and cultural system adversely. Our business activities must embody truth, transparency, respect, integrity, honesty, and humanity.

As a fashion company that capitalizes on recycling and reusing materials, our main intention is to promote positive environmental effects by taking off unnecessary and usable elements from the environment. The goal is to attain sustainability, which will lead to profitability. As the company conducts its business activities with integrity, respect, and honesty. These values will be demonstrated through the involvement of all stakeholders, living up to the brand’s promise, and minding the societies that are connected to the business.

Founders’ Qualifications

The head of marketing should possess leadership, organizational, technical, communication, and creative skills. These skills are necessary for motivating the team members, offering guidance, creating strategic decisions, and representing the entity appropriately. The Director of Accounting should possess professional knowledge, decision-making, supervision, financial monitoring & analysis, as well as communication and people skills. These skills enable the head of accounting to make decisions that are related to financial resources, communicate the decisions, and collaborate with other departments.

The manufacturing and management director should be a professional in the field. The necessary skills include general task management, people, financial, and relationship management. The human resource manager should have proven knowledge of people management, organizational skills, relationship management, communication, and leadership skills. The strategic manager should be knowledgeable in risk management, planning, performance management, data analysis, crisis management, leadership, and ethics development (Strobel, 2016).

Completion of Tasks

Tasks that need to be completed daily include collecting raw materials from a recycling plant, designing products, cutting out fabric for the designs, actual product creation, packaging, marketing, and quality control. These activities will be managed by the different directors alongside their team members. Every team will have a leader who guides the technical processes. All employees will be expected to participate in problem-solving, decision-making, and actual completion of the daily tasks.

The organizational chart that Sustainable World will be using is simple. It has three main hierarchies. The team members will report to the directors. The governing board (founders) will oversee the managers. Team members may range from 15 to 20 depending on the volume of work. More employees will be employed on a permanent basis as the company grows. Most of the employees will work in the manufacturing and supply section, while others will work in the marketing, finance, and HR departments.

Professional, Governance, and Advisory Support for The Business

The board of directors will be responsible for governance through decision-making and the approval of new products. This is in addition to the vetting of retailers seeking partnerships and overseeing the organizations’ overall management. The managers will have to consult the board before making major decisions about the company’s strategic direction and activities.

Sustainable World will have a three-person management advisory board that will be responsible for advising the entire management on issues related to legal aspects, strategic decision-making, and other issues that arise. The board may require including specialists temporarily depending on the issues at hand.

Attorneys will be hired as the need arises to provide a professional opinion on legal matters. This approach is important because of limited resources during the initial stages.

Accountant Bankers will provide professional services that are related to the company’s financial resources. Decisions related to credit will involve accountant bankers. Insurance Agents will provide insurance services to the company as required by the laws. Web and Social Media Services will be important for marketing and website creation as well as management. The marketing department will oversee activities and services offered by the web and social media services professionals.


Daron, M. (2017). Verification Of Advantages And Disadvantages In Partnership Relations. Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Częstochowskiej , 27(1), 96-105. doi:10.17512/znpcz.2017.3.1.08

Strobel, K. (2016). HR Competencies: The Foundation Upon Which to Build Today’s and Tomorrow’s HR Business Leader. Retrieved from


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Attached is a Presentation overview created on my Business Plan for my company Sustainable World

Management Team and Organization Plan

Management Team and Organization Plan

Attached are the guidelines for the Management Team and Organization Plan section of the Business Plan

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