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5S Program

5S Program

Discussion Responses

Response to Classmate,


Thank you for sharing your project proposal. The concept of lean manufacturing began with the Toyota Company in Japan and has slowly been adopted in other countries. The 5S method is a lean method where visual management is emphasized. The process goes beyond organizational cleanliness and embraces profit and efficiency. In my opinion, though it may sound ‘un-evidence based,’ I believe for a manager to embrace the 5S, they must be a person that is a) organized, b) neat, c) time and efficiency conscious, all of which are natural attributes. It could be that the 5S has not been easily assimilated in the US because most managers need to have these personal attributes present in the first place. Below is a diagram showing before and after 5S implementation and the reason for me to believe that for a person to come up with the system, they have to have the innate attributes:

My questions concerning your proposal are: Will you find out why managers have not or are unwilling to implement the 5S in their US organizations? Will you find out whether the managers have personal attributes that can initiate and sustain the 5S programs in their organizations? It is one thing to start a program because it is the right thing to do, and it is a different thing to sustain the program when one is not wholeheartedly into it. Luke 14:28 ESV, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?”.


The Gideons International in the British Isles. (2012). The Holy Bible: New International Version.  Lutterworth, England.


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Session 4 Discussion Presentation

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5S Program

5S Program

Classmate’s Post

Slide 1 – Business Idea or Research topic (hypotheses) – why is this important?

Research Topic:

  • How can the US manufacturing plant improve product quality of medical device by implementing 5S program?


  • 5S program improves a plant to produce products with good quality.
  • Medical device with good quality is core value for customers in not only Japan but also global.

Slide 2 – Preliminary Research Findings or Market Analysis

Market Analysis:

  • Japanese customers are quite severe for medical device product quality.
  • But nowadays the demand is also from other countries.
  • Many factories in Japan have adopted 5S program, but that is limited cases in the US because of mentality gap.

Slide 3 – Planned Implementation of Research Findings or Market Analysis in your Final Project

Implementation plan:

  • Project team approach
    • The project team to work on the 5S activities as routine
  • Benchmarking approach
    • Learn from successful group factories in Japan and the US
  • Global synergy approach

Top management should realize that the demands on improved quality are from not only Japan but also others

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