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Writing Research Papers

Writing Research Papers

Writing research papers is part of the coursework, but most students in the United States hate writing them.  Students are very uncomfortable with writing because they lack preparatory work.  Most high schools do not train their students with research and writing skills that can be used in college. They arrive in college without enough skills to produce quality papers; hence they end up hating it. Weak spelling skills and grammar among students make them hate writing research papers. Poor grammar causes someone to look stupid, which most students do not want, hence hatred for writing. The topics chosen for the research paper may feel irrelevant (Heise, 2009). Most of the issues in research are not thrilling, and the student may feel bored. They want things that are enthusiastic and that are relevant to daily activities and lifestyles. Students think that there is no need to research or write. According to the subjects they have majored in, they may think it is unnecessary, so they feel like it is torture when told to do it. When the right research topic makes work more accessible, most simple issues have been over-explored. It leaves the student with the hard choice of dealing with the complex issues which make research difficult. The more complex the subject, the more the student tends to hate the research they are doing.

Students are always busy with other stuff, and they hate interrupting their schedules to do research and write. They hate research because it consumes a lot of time, limiting them from having fun, going shopping, and visiting friends. Though some students procrastinate doing research papers, others are usually busy with part or full-time jobs. Some students do not believe in their work and the research they can do. Writing the finding in a way that answers the questions of the study is tricky for them. They want the research to have the correct answer but are too lazy to defend their arguments on the investigation. Revising is exasperating and repetitious. After doing research and writing down everything, you have to go through the work to pick and correct any errors in the work. Students hate repeating through work that they have already done. It isn’t exciting. The student may be given a research topic and fail to understand what is required of them. They hate it when they cannot understand the assignment and can hire a person to do it for them.

To enjoy writing research papers and making it a manageable task an individual to change their approach to writing. Do the research and write for mind stimulation and problem-solving. You do not have everything figured out in your mind to start writing. Instead of just starting the first sentence, writing produces thinking, which leads to discovering new ideas and organizing and expressing them. You end up solving problems and researching complex topics you never thought you could handle just by stringing several words together. Writing is a craft, and it needs one to work with their ideas without pressure (Koshy, 2005). Avoid being a perfectionist because it will paralyze the analysis. Do not think about the research project from the start to the end; it’s overwhelming. Instead, try modular writing. Thinking of the paper as a building block helps in writing.

Start the essay with the parts that you feel are easier to write. If the research methodology or the limitations of the research are straightforward, then go for it. Do not worry about grammar and language; write what you can write; editing comes later. After completing a section successfully, you can reward yourself with something you love, like an episode of a TV show- it establishes a positive reinforcement cycle. Modular writing breaks down the paper into sections and tasks that are manageable. Set yourself up for success, and use writing habits that work best for you. For example, if writing down with a pen and paper works best for you, you should embrace it over typing.  Edit your work after you have done everything to refine and correct any errors.


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Why do you think students have such negative feelings towards research papers?

Writing Research Papers

Writing Research Papers

2. Do you have any suggestions that you could share that help make writing research papers more manageable? Just answer those 2 questions

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