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Why Unions?

Why Unions?

The statement “if management gets a union, it deserves one” indicates that competent management would treat employees in a way that would make them unwilling to unionize. As a result (as implied by this statement), every corporation that becomes unionized must have earned it due to poor management, and establishing a union (to oppose unfair practices) for management would demonstrate this.

When something is broken, unions form. They sprang from a very dark place when laborers were compelled to work in dangerous conditions with little to no benefits and little compensation. The union exists to be the voice of employees and to negotiate fair salaries with companies that do not listen to what employees have to say, among other things (Mathis et al., 2017). Unions sponsored most of the labor regulations we have today, and without them, we would not be where we are as a country. For that reason, there are still certain incidents of new unions developing in enterprises across the world.

If a union is formed in today’s organizations, management has failed; they have not learned from their mistakes and are not paying attention to their employees’ worries. The most excellent strategy to avoid unionization is to foster a good culture that provides employees with a sense of belonging as well as a voice (Wilpert, 2017). Employees feel powerless in this absence, and they require someone to advocate for them. Unions, in my opinion, are not a terrible thing, but they should not be necessary when a firm treats its employees well. In essence, if an organization speaks clearly and directly with its employees, and actually advocates for proper employer-employee relations through just and consistent policies and procedures, then minimal focus should be placed on union membership.


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Why Unions?

Why Unions?

After completing the module readings, you will think about what you have read and pull upon any HR experience you may have. Then, in your own words, write one or two paragraphs responding to the following statement: If management gets a union, it deserves one. What does this statement mean to you? Title your post 7-2 Why Unions?

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