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We are All Addicted to Something

We are All Addicted to Something

Sample Answer 

We are All Addicted to Something

Drug misuse has been one of the most significant human pandemics in America. Drug usage has gradually developed to not only the abuse of hardcore drugs such as cocaine but the mere addition of patients to prescription drugs. According to state medical reports, a number of patients who are victims of drug addiction have confessed to having started with an overdose of prescribed therapeutic drugs (Hodge et al., 2017). The over-dependence on certain medications, such as opioids, has made patients develop an addiction that gradually grows into a relentless desire for more drugs. The easy access and availability of these opioids enhance their usage in society. However, relevant government bodies have recently established ways to combat the opioid epidemic (Gostin et al., 2017). One of the outlined strategies by the Senate is to offer an accessible and reliable treatment to drug addict patients and establish safety and regulatory terms that will limit the supply and easy accessibility of opioids to the public. Authorizing only a few medical institutions with the right to prescribe opioids rather than having them sold over the counter will significantly reduce public consumption.


Gostin, L. O., Hodge, J. G., & Noe, S. A. (2017). Reframing the opioid epidemic as a national emergency. Jama318(16), 1539-1540.

Hodge Jr, J. G., Wetter, S. A., & Noe, S. A. (2017). Emerging Legal Responses to Curb the Opioid Epidemic. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics45(3), 460-463.


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We Are All Addicted to Something

Please respond to the following:

We are All Addicted to Something

We are All Addicted to Something

  • Examine the underlying factors associated with illegal drug use and prescription drug misuse among various demographics. Then, compare and contrast three social attitudes towards abuse of illegal drugs vs. prescription drugs among various demographics. Lastly, examine one legislative proposal (federal and state) that has been made to combat the opioid epidemic. Then state your opinion regarding the impact of the legislation on the opioid epidemic. Provide a rational for your response.

.Be sure to include a minimum of two outside sources for your post using APA OR SWS format, in-text citations, and a reference list.


Read the article “Multiple Dimensions of Peer Effects and Deviance: The Case of Prescription Drug Misuse among Young Adults” located at Be prepared to discuss.

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