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The Middle School Shopping List

The Middle School Shopping List

Thinking back to all the kinds of writings I have done to this day, the memories that I enjoyed the most stand out. On one sunny Saturday afternoon, my mother was getting herself ready to head out shopping, and as was the case on numerous other Saturdays, she reminded me that I would be accompanying her. It was almost the back-to-school period, and having to be a middle schooler was exciting and the pressure of joining middle school is one I can never forget. My mother asked me to write down my back-to-school shopping list, which we would need while at the mall, and for me, the first step to joining middle school was back-to-school shopping. I had been looking forward to writing this shopping list as the first day of middle school approached, as I wanted only the items that not only represented my interest but would also help me fit in. On that fateful Saturday, my mother called out to me and asked me to write down a shopping list for all my middle school essentials.

With the task at hand, I was excited to master the list. Writing the shopping list was important to me and my mother because, for me, I could list all my preferred items, and for my mother, it gave her a chance to oversee all necessities were acquired. On that fateful day, I rushed to my room, picked up a pencil and notepad from my desk, and started listing down the items, ranging from a purple backpack to a pouch. I was careful to write as neatly as I could to ensure the list was legible. Writing down the list was both exciting and challenging, as spelling was an obstacle I encountered in the process. However, with the words that I struggled with spelling at the time, such as highlighters, I got my mother’s help spelling them, and some of them I never misspelled again. The activity became fun for both of us and eventually, my parent was impressed with the list I made by how well-written and orderly it was, to which I was awarded a “well done.”

We enjoyed the back-to-school shopping list so much that I was put in charge of all my back-to-school shopping lists from that day. Not only was it fun for my mother and me, but it was also very enlightening, being a chance to practice my spelling. Today, I always note down my shopping list before going to the mall, overlooking that I use my phone instead of a pen and paper. Also, with note writing, I find myself scribbling down notes and lists at various times during my day, which has been essential in ensuring I handle all my tasks without forgetting a single task. Furthermore, from the middle school back-to-school shopping list to date, the effects are evident in my daily life. For instance, I learned additional strategies with list creation and note-taking, including organizing tasks based on urgency, contributing to my timeliness trait. It is unimaginable that creating a simple shopping list back in middle school would have such a significant impact on my life as an adult.

Additionally, that middle school shopping list presented the significance of writing. First, items that only existed on that notepad a few hours earlier then lay on my bedroom floor as I fitted what I could into my newly purchased purple backpack. In short, I learned that note-taking and list creation are significant tools for getting tasks done. In addition, the shopping list led me to random scribbling in adulthood, which eventually led me to journaling. Journaling then became my day-to-day habit to this day. Therefore, writing is a skill that promotes focus, learning, coherence, and self-expression because when I write, I focus on what I am writing about, learn about foreign words and phrases, and express myself. Self-expression is nakedly exposed while journalling, where I get to write without the fear of judgment. Therefore, the shopping list I wrote on that Saturday, weeks before I began middle school, influenced and shaped my idea of writing.

I look forward to my reading and writing endeavors going forward, as writing is more than scribbling down notes on a pad or book. Writing is exhilarating and relieving, especially when I feel overwhelmed by tasks or the busyness of everyday life. Today, writing is important to me because it promotes self-expression and facilitates understanding. As I write in my journal or list my tasks for a day, I know I will get everything done as I understand writing anything down is a step in the right direction for me. I believe that writing and reading go hand in hand because I believe that if I can read or spell a word, then I can spell or read it, as that was my experience with the first shopping list I wrote before middle school. Therefore, it suffices to say that my love for writing began with that one middle school shopping list.


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The Middle School Shopping List

The Middle School Shopping List

Can you remember a time when writing something or seeing someone else write was important either to you or that person? The writing could be anything from a letter or note you wrote to a friend or even a just list. What are the effects of this experience or group of experiences? How has this experience or experiences shaped your idea of what writing is and or should be? Explain your feelings, give a setting…tell me that story and share the importance of how it will shape your reading and writing endeavors.

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