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The Concept of Strategic Business

The Concept of Strategic Business

The success of e-business is influenced by the management of information systems and determining the impact of information technology. Therefore, e-businesses must strategically align their information systems with their operations to enhance performance. Strategic business-IT alignment includes using information technology to improve business operations by improving agility, reducing costs, and increasing return on investment (Ivanov, 2012). Organizations can implement the BOAT framework to achieve proper business-IT alignment based on the relationship between the business operations, organizational structure, the architecture of automated information systems needed to complete the tasks in the organization, and the information technology and systems used. According to Grefen (2015), the BOAT framework suggests that a networked e-business combines technology-oriented and business-oriented elements. The framework guides e-businesses on what to consider when integrating technology into their operations.

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Organizations must ensure that their information technology and systems support their organizational culture. For example, an organization with an adhocracy culture must constantly update its information technology and systems to support adaptability and innovation. Some of the main adaptability ideas that e-businesses may consider include digital payments and automating customer support services to respond promptly to customer queries. Information technology should also be aligned with an organization’s goals and objectives. For example, organizations to reduce operating costs may automate some operations to reduce employees. Organizations may also align information technology with their goals by training employees on using specific information technologies and systems. Strategic business-IT alignment also relates to the BOAT in improving operations by connecting various business functions. For example, an organization can use information technology to connect the tasks in the supply chain, such as order placement, payment, dispatch, and tracking. Therefore, organizations can use the aspects of the BOAT framework to align their information technology and systems to their mission, vision, and goals.


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The Concept of Strategic Business

The Concept of Strategic Business

Discuss the strategic business–IT alignment concept and how it relates to the BOAT framework.

Chapters 9-10:
Grefen, P. (2015). Beyond e-business: Towards networked structures. Retrieved from

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