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Sustainable World Company Business Plan Executive Summary

Sustainable World Company Business Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The fashion industry is rapidly changing due to the rise of sustainable fashion and fast fashion characterized by new designs and uniqueness. Sustainable World Company aims to satisfy the needs of the modern-day customer in the fashion industry by manufacturing unique clothes, shoes, and accessories using sustainable material and introducing unique designs that compete favorably with the designs in the fashion industry market. The business aims at tapping into the growing apparel and footwear markets in the United States and China by targeting men and women aged between 30 and 50 years, young people aged between 18 and 29 years, children aged between 5 and 17 years, customers within the middle-income class and customers who are vocal in protecting the environment and encouraging environmental sustainability. The business will begin operations in the United States before expanding to China through strategic alliances. The strategic partnership expansion strategy will include forming partnerships with retailers in different areas and organizations that promote local businesses within communities and retailers with websites promoting other products in the fashion industry.

The company will also use the business-to-consumer business model and distribute its products through online stores and physical stores located in different parts of the United States. The business requires an investment of $370,000 that will be used to cater for manufacturing costs, product sourcing costs, cost of raw materials, design costs, and marketing costs. The milestones that will be used to monitor the process of the business will be; equipping the company with the required equipment and acquiring all documentation needed to begin operations by the end of December 2021, hiring wirers by the end of January 2022, starting business operations by the end of February 2022 and conducting a progress assessment by the end of March 2022.


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Attached is a Presentation overview created on my Business Plan for my company Sustainable World

Sustainable World Company Business Plan Executive Summary

Sustainable World Company Business Plan Executive Summary

Attached are the guidelines for the Executive Summary section of the Business Plan
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