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Suprise of the Dialogue of Discovery

Suprise of the Dialogue of Discovery

Three theories have many characteristics that link them to one and can help leaders interact with stakeholders and other members. These theories include; the new sciences theory, new business realities theory, and the thinking habit theory. A leader should always undertake this properly that encourage and enhance the autonomy of action and diversity while respecting the organizational values.

The leader should begin by focusing on the theories of new business realities. The leader should explain why the business organization needs to change its organizational mindset of short-term planning. The leader can ask the members and the board for new business possibilities. The new business suggestions should be implementable and aligned with the organization’s values and morals.

The key responsibility of the leader will be to open up the members to new possibilities, as with the changing business environment; every organization needs to be proactive. The leaders can share future organization goals, e.g., expand to other nations and let the members deliberate. The leader should assure the board members that the expansion project will result in a gain and go on to highlight the possible risks involved. He should ask them to relay their fears about undertaking the expansion programs. This aligns with the thinking habit theory, which enhances the support of the stakeholders and followers.

The leader should convince the members to take an adaptive view in the new business reality environment. Stakeholders should stay open to change. They should state why the organization needs to pay attention to the customers and check out competitors’ new technological advancements. The leader should convince the team that expanding the organization’s services to other States and countries is essential.

Using the New Sciences Theory, a leader should involve everyone. Innovative leaders look for good ideas everywhere and realize that chaos may be a key source of constructive information that may go a long way in helping a given organization. This means inviting even informal members to the meeting. Listening to everyone, including people with differing views, increases the odds of creating an adaptive, innovative, and successful organization.

As per the theory of  New Sciences, for a leader to succeed, they must abandon the established way of handling organizational Business and go after the unknown. All successful companies often take risks at one point in their lifetime—the theory of new science advocates for people to question everyday happenings and organizational decisions.

A leader should make all organization plans available to all team members as the members can only appreciate the importance of an idea after familiarizing themselves. After training, the members can assist the leader in following it to a logical conclusion. The members can then share their suggestions on implementing organizational plans and offer complete improvements.

As per the thinking habit theory, organizational diversity and quality are vital in directing organizational success. A leader should state to the members the importance of appreciating each other and developing good relations. Good relations mean good employee morale, ultimately leading to increased productivity.


In conclusion, the three theories, the new scientific theory, the new business realities theory, and the thinking habits theory, are all vital to managers and leaders in collecting information, relaying decisions, and implementing projects.


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Unit 9 Discussion 1- Surprise

Surprise is the only route to discovery. Given the new science, The New Business Realities, and The Thinking Habits, write two paragraphs describing how a leader might include stakeholders and followers in a dialogue of discovery that encourages empowerment and autonomy of action and diversity while assuring alignment to values and mission.



Read one other learner’s surprise assignment and make insightful, helpful comments. Post to the discussion area.

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