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Submission- Business Plan Overview and Company Description Guidelines for Sustainable World

Submission- Business Plan Overview and Company Description Guidelines for Sustainable World

What the business is and what it will do

The business includes manufacturing and selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. It will entail manufacturing these products in one location and distributing them to different places. During the first year, distribution will mainly be within the United States before expanding to other countries in the second year. All manufactured products will be stored in a warehouse ready for distribution to create more space to continue production. The business will be producing original designs invented by the employees and customizing products based on customer specifications.

A brief mission statement that concisely identifies the reason for being, the core values of the business, and the overall business strategy

Mission statement

To create value sustainably and make a difference in the fashion industry by collaborating with the community to recycle waste

Core values

Value centricity




Overall business strategy

The company will use the focused differentiation strategy by offering unique features to our products and ensuring that we fulfil the requirements of our target market. Differentiation will mainly focus on unique designs and the use of sustainable materials to manufacture the products. The company will also successfully implement focused differentiation by customizing and personalizing the products based on customer preferences.

Business structure (legal form) of the business 

The business will operate as a partnership consisting of the founding team. The team consists of 6 members with the appropriate background that is needed. One of the team members is someone who has at least three years of experience in marketing, the second team member has four years of experience in accounting, the third team member has six years of experience in supply chain management and four years of experience in manufacturing accessories, and the fourth team member has at least two years of experience in manufacturing shoes and clothes. The fifth team member has at least two years of experience in human resource management, and the sixth has six years of experience in strategic management. The type of partnership that will be applied is a general partnership, whereby profits, ownership, and losses will be shared equally among the partners. All partners will also have total liability, which means they will be personally responsible for all the business’s legal and financial obligations.

The target customer(s)

The target customers are men and women aged between 30 and 50 years, young people aged between 18 and 29 years, and children aged between 5 and 17 years. The company also targets customers within the middle-income class and customers who are vocal about protecting the environment and encouraging environmental sustainability.

The business model

The company will use the business-to-consumer business model. According to Kanellopoulou (2021), this model includes the sale and marketing of products to end customers purchasing the products for personal use. The main characteristics of this model are; it exposes the business to a large market, it is product-driven in that the quality of products is more important than the business, marketing drives sales, the success of the business relies on consumer behaviour, and branding is essential to distinguish a business’s products among customers (De Angelis, 2018). The model will play a significant role in creating and delivering value for customers because it will enable the business to understand the needs and preferences of customers and manufacture products aimed at meeting these needs and various preferences. This will increase the company’s market share, thereby increasing sales that generate revenue and contribute to the profit made.

Core competencies and how the business is differentiated from competitors

One of the company’s core competencies is unique designs. The company can produce outstanding designs using sustainable materials, thus differentiating its products from those offered by competitors. The second competency is high-quality products at a low price hence attracting more customers. Another competency is constant innovation, enabling the company to keep up with the fast fashion trend and introduce new designs that attract more customers and create high customer retention


De Angelis, R. (2018). Business models and circular business models. Business Models in the Circular Economy, 45-73.

Kanellopoulou, E. (2021). Business models and the role of the end consumer in the music industry. Competition Policy and the Music Industries, 42-75.


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Attached is a Presentation overview created on my Business Plan for my company Sustainable World

Submission- Business Plan Overview and Company Description Guidelines for Sustainable World

Submission- Business Plan Overview and Company Description Guidelines for Sustainable World

Attached are the guidelines for the Company Description section of the Business Plan

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