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Strategic Staffing Plan-Ingrid’s Audio Haus

Strategic Staffing Plan-Ingrid’s Audio Haus

Business Strategy: Differentiation and Focus

Ingrid’s Audio Haus should adopt two main business strategies: differentiation and focus. The differentiation strategy is essential to a business because it allows it to distinguish itself using unique products and services. High-quality products, intensive research and development, premium prices, and advanced characterize the strategy client benefits. To utilize this strategy, Ingrid’s Audio Haus requires specialized technology, assets, and high-knowledge employees (Douglas, Douglas, & Davies, 2010). Furthermore, the focus is applicable as a strategy because it will allow Ingrid’s Audio Haus to concentrate on a specific market.

The two strategies are suggested to improve Ingrid’s Audio Haus because the entity already produces unique speakers. However, to maximize the product’s ability to excel in the market, Ingrid’s Audio Haus should specialize in the product and specific market niche. Such specialization should promote the improved quality of the product and enable the company to charge premium prices since the item is unique (Widuri & Sutanto, 2019).

Ingrid’s Audio Haus must invest in employee training and development to achieve differentiation. Enabling employees to achieve skills and knowledge regarding the speakers’ production and the selling process to the target market prepares the company for unlimited success. It will lead to high-knowledge workers who are unique assets to the company and cannot be imitated by competitors. Achievement of focus requires the company to identify its desired target market, establish ways to meet its expectations and needs and customize the speakers. Ingrid’s Audio Haus will also need to focus solely on producing speakers for exclusivity and operation in a niche market environment.

Talent Philosophy

Performance: at Ingrid’s Audio Haus, we value consistent performance results from employees. Employees occupying critical positions are held to a higher standard of performance. Through constant performance management, employees can keep stock of their performance.

Behaviors: the behaviors of all individuals at Ingrid’s Audio Haus impact their career progression through the ranks and compensation.

Differentiation: Ingrid’s Audio Haus’ employees at higher ranks will enjoy more rewards than those in lower-ranking positions

Accountability: Managers at the company are responsible for motivating employees to perform exceptionally and achieve the company’s goals. This process will rely on setting clear goals with staff members, identifying strategies, constant monitoring, evaluating performance, and supporting employees.

Transparency: information regarding the talent process will be transparently provided to employees to ensure knowledge regarding their progress and upcoming opportunities.

Staffing Decisions

At Ingrid’s Audio Haus, flexible and core workers will be vital to the company’s growth. The managerial positions are among these that require core workers. The production and marketing teams will also have core workers. The supporting roles, such as riders, cleaners, and maintenance workers, will have flexible workers. This choice ensures that training and development investment is directed to the core workers who remain permanently with the organization. In addition, flexible workers will operate on a contract basis, enabling the organization to adjust to changes quickly (Douglas, Douglas, & Davies, 2010). However, flexible workers will be expected to conduct business and interact with clients according to our values, mission, and vision.

The hiring process will utilize both external and internal sources. Internal hiring will offer employees an opportunity for growth and development. Besides, this strategy will also reduce the cost of recruitment and training. Internal candidates already fit with the company’s values and culture. Therefore, this offers an opportunity to get the best employees. External hiring will also be beneficial in bringing about new blood into the organization. Further, it will enhance workforce diversity and allow the entity to gain new perspectives from external hires.

Ingrid’s Auto Haus will hire individuals with a talent for technical jobs. The new training programs can help develop the required talents for non-technical jobs. For instance, the craft masters must have the skill. Once hired, they will be trained to craft the product at the company to meet the needs and wants of the market. The other important aspect of talent development is a desire and the right attitude to learn. Candidates lacking the required skills but having the right attitude are easy to train.

Both replacement and retention of employees are essential to the company. Since the market dynamics evolve fast, employees must consistently improve their skills. The company may retain employees and retain them to develop new talent when the cost of hiring is higher than training. Retention also creates a loyal and committed workforce. However, replacing staff members will be essential when major skill requirements are encountered, affecting the company’s ability to compete significantly.

New hires will be expected to possess the primary skills for their job performance. Besides the hard skills, they will be required to have soft skills such as communication, teamwork, desire to learn, organization, time management, customer service, and adaptability. These skills are essential to gaining additional skills. The decision is shaped by the constant changes that demand the acquisition of new skills or improvement. Thus, it is impossible to choose a specific skill for all hires.

Staffing at the company will be done proactively to ensure that the volume of work is well distributed to avoid burnout. In addition, the HR department will conduct a needs analysis to identify a need for hiring in good time. To avoid the complications of reactive staffing, cross-training will occur within departments to ensure that sudden vacancies do not have dire consequences on the flow of work till hiring occurs.

The production, crafting, and marketing positions will emphasize the company’s investment more because artisans provide unique products. The production team assembles the product with high-quality materials. Subsequently, the marketing department ensures that the target market can access these products quickly and learn about their price points and associated benefits.

Staffing is an investment in the company because the workforce will be used as a competitive advantage. Training and development will empower employees, while retention will harness their loyalty and commitment. The other companies in the same field will not be able to imitate this competitive advantage, which will cause the company to stand out.

Moreover, the organization will use a combined approach to hiring. The approach will maximize the flexibility of each business unit. It also reduces redundancies across the company and leverages the application of technology. The hiring managers will have greater discretion over the process.

 Equal Employment Opportunities at Ingrid’s Audio Haus

Title IV of the CRA requires all organizations to offer equal opportunities for employment to all candidates regardless of their differences. The company intends to conduct non-discriminatory recruitment processes. Candidates of different genders, physical abilities, ages, races, nationalities, and skin color will have an equal chance at employment. This is expected to promote the company’s workforce diversity and lead to a rich worker profile. This policy aims to promote equity at the company and ensure that employees and candidates are fairly treated.

Recruitment Message for Sales Associates

Ingrid’s Audio Haus is delighted to offer you the sales associate position. The recruiting team was extremely pleased by your skills, knowledge, experience, and attitude during the interview. Thus, we are pleased to have you join our team. We are confident that you will be a great addition to the workforce in the Marketing department.

Personality Test

A personality test is one of the selection predictors that can be used at Ingrid’s Audio Haus. When conducted properly, personality tests are effective in reducing cases of discrimination during recruitment. Personality tests have gained increased usage in the recent past. Individuals’ personalities dictate their behaviors, habits, and attitudes. Therefore, the company can use personality tests to determine candidates best suited for the vacant position. Ingrid Audio Haus would be interested in using this as a selection predictor because the primary intention is recruiting for longevity; job satisfaction and enjoyment determine the period people stay in a job. When employees can express their personalities, they tend to feel significantly rewarded—however, the validity and reliability of personality tests matter. The chosen test’s reliability must be 70 and above (Haynie, 2021). Choosing a personality test that meets this criterion will ensure that the company does not use the wrong test for recruitment. It also increases the effectiveness of the process.

A Likert scale can be used for scoring the personality test. The Likert scale is efficient in measuring the projective tests. To evaluate the effectiveness of the tests, Ingrid’s Audio Haus can assess the employees’ job satisfaction, workforce diversity, job fulfillment, employee performance, and retention rates. Employees’ job satisfaction is essential in determining if a personality test enables the selection of suitable candidates. Assessing the company’s workforce diversity is also a reliable criterion in determining whether the chosen personality test achieves the recommended diversity in terms of race, gender, physical ability, or nationality. Job fulfillment of employees can determine if the personality test matches employees’ natural dispositions to the most relevant positions. In addition, the performance of employees can guide the organization to determine if the employees have been appropriately matched to the correct positions. Eventually, the company can review its retention rates to determine if employees are committed and willing to be in the company. The previous measures or assessments culminate in the retention of employees.


Ingrid’s Audio Haus could improve its current business activities by differentiating itself from the other market players and focusing on a specific product and niche market. Being an equal-opportunity employer is also essential for the organization. When hiring, the entity should utilize personality tests, placing candidates in positions that closely match their natural disposition. These improvements are expected to change the company’s long-term achievements significantly.


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Strategic Staffing Plan-Ingrid’s Audio Haus

Strategic Staffing Plan-Ingrid’s Audio Haus

Ingrid’s Audio Haus- ‘Sounds’ like you need a new Staffing System!
Ingrid’s Audio Haus employs approximately 200 employees and has 2 locations in the Omaha, NE metro. Her speakers are handcrafted and designed for superior audio and aesthetic appeal. She started making speakers and subwoofers by hand. Her business grew when friends heard/saw her ‘home-made’ speakers and wanted some! She has two showrooms and craft centers where master craftspeople make the boxes.

You are her HR practitioner. Ingrid needs a new strategic staffing system for her sales associate position, and she needs you to design it! She wants a presentation that includes either slides or video. If video, she would like an accompanying Slide/Word document.

Core Learning Outcomes
Choose selection requirements consistent with legal requirements.
Critique validity and reliability measures related to selection.
Manage job analysis and create a strategy for applying predictor scores.
Assess external and internal considerations of recruitment.
Create legally defensible structured behavioral and situational interviews.
Evaluate the utility of ability and personality tests.
Evaluate the utility of work samples and assessment center tests.
Inspect production, personnel, training proficiency, and judgmental data.
Develop a Staffing Strategy that aligns with the overall Business Strategy.

Given the scenario above, Ingrid would like you to design a simple staffing plan for the sales associates in her showrooms to include the following specifics:

Strategic Staffing System Proposal
Identify her business strategy, e.g., cost-leadership, differentiation, specialization, or growth strategy.

Develop and write a Talent Philosophy paragraph.

Decide on the Nine Staffing Decisions (page 49). Indicate why you selected each.

Include a short example of a policy statement related to the ADA, ADEA, or Title VII of the CRA. (A few paragraphs)

Decide on a recruitment message and where you would recruit for sales associates.

Choose one selection predictor, e.g., interview, cognitive ability test, personality, integrity test, etc. Tell Ingrid why you selected it, and include its general validity coefficient and why this matters to her.

Decide on a scoring method for the selection predictor you chose.

How would you show Ingrid if the selection system is effective, i.e., what evaluation methods would you use?

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