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Strategic Staffing and Organizational Development at Java Corp- Filling Supervisory and Managerial Positions in a Growing Company

Strategic Staffing and Organizational Development at Java Corp- Filling Supervisory and Managerial Positions in a Growing Company


At Java Group, we specialize in iced tea and cold coffee; the firm is an enterprise growing steadily because of our clients’ superb services and convenience. Due to the steady growth, our company is always recruiting new employees to take up positions to boost performance. Currently, there are several job vacancies in various managerial positions that need to be filled, and thus, interested candidates are invited to apply. Five senior positions need to be filled; we need one IT expert, one marketing professional, two operation officers, and one security expert.

Role of a recruiter

A recruiter is a human resource specialist who must attract suitable candidates for the available job opportunities and assess their relevant knowledge and experience. A recruiter is supposed to remain updated with the requirements of various job positions in an organization. Other duties of a recruiter include; identifying future hiring needs and developing job descriptions and specifications.

The unique opportunities for Java Group are; first, there is a huge demand for cold coffee and tea; the demand gives the company the hope for expansion. The second opportunity for Java Group is the availability of credit facilities; the company can easily access credit facilities to facilitate its operations. Java Group also faces some challenges; one of the challenges is the high rate of employee turnover. Employees are often looking for greener pastures, and thus, the company loses talented workers. Another challenge is competition; many other companies are offering the same services that Java Group is offering.

 The plan

Initiating the Recruitment and Selection Process

Initiation of the selection and recruitment is the first step of the hiring process. Some of the initial things we should ask ourselves are; is our organization structure suited to achieve our strategic direction? Does the current pool of employees embody the skills and competence we need? Shall we have Anaya’s other potential vacancies in the future/ is the organization’s landscape changing? The answer to these questions is “yes.” T Java group, we came up with one of the best organizational structures that increases the operations’ efficiency and effectiveness. The current pool of employees is committed and has the necessary skills that we believe will enable them to perform their respective duties successfully (Drouin, 2015). During our first recruitment and hiring process, we carried out a thorough recruitment exercise to select refined employees with the skills we required. The landscape of our company is changing because the demand is increasing and hence we can grow our firm.


Java group announces five job vacancies in its management and supervision levels. Candidates who are interested in the positions should apply on or before the end of November. The table below shows the job position and job description.

Position Job description Qualifications Salary
IT expert job description -Review diagnostics and assess the functionality of the efficiency of the system

– Monitoring security certificates and the firm compliance requirements

– Should be able to offer technical support

-should be able to troubleshoot system problems

-At least a master’s in IT-related disciplines

-At least years of experience in related field

$182,000 p.a
Marketing Manager job description -Managing the promotion and brand positioning

-He should be able to analyze data and set the company’s strategy (Paycor, 2020).

– Managing PR and corporate communications

-Website management and Social media management

-Hiring and managing the performance of the junior marketing team

-He will be negotiating and liaising with third-party agencies

-At least a bachelor’s degree in marketing

-At least 5 years in the field

$132,000 p.a
Operation manager job description -Developing, implementing, and maintaining quality assurance requirements

-Ensuring operational activities are on time and within budget

-Growing efficiency of the organizational processes and procedure

-Oversee both accounts payable and receivable sections

-Lead, motivate, and support a large team

-At least a bachelor’s degree in any field

-At least 3 years experience

$140,000 p.a
Security manager job description Formulating and implementing security policies and procedures

-Recruiting, training, and supervising security officers

-Doing budget control for security operations

-Attend meetings with other managers to determine security needs

-Plan and coordinate security operations for events

-Making security reports for management


-At least a bachelor’s degree in security management

-At least one year of experience

$74,400 p.a

Selection Committee

The selection committee will be sizable because the kind of job being advertised is more technical. Making a sizable selection committee will pool together people from different fields and thus will enrich the selection panel to handle the applicants accurately. The main roles of the selection committee will be;

Offering advice to the hiring manager

Carrying out the assessment of the applicants; their strengths and weaknesses

The selection committee will also agree on the assessment tools

No information should be shared outside the committee, and once the committee makes a decision, all members need to speak in one voice. The whole selection committee members should participate in all the interviews that will be carried out.

Pre-Screening and Screening

During the pre-screening, the selection committee should establish the criteria for pre-screening the candidates. While screening the applicants, the committee should screen based on the established criteria. The committee should assign numerical values for each of the criteria. The committee should make a follow-up with the interview (Drouin, 2015).  At this point, the committee should highlight the legible applicants or the selection to be invited for the interview. The table below is the screening table that has codes for each criterion (Miller, 2017). The code will be multiplied by each candidate’s score and summed up to get which candidate had the highest score.

Applicant name Education

Score 3







Interpersonal relations

Total Comments
1. John
2. Peter
4. Smith
5. William

Interview Selection Criteria

Overall suitability Showed an interest in the organization

Had a sense of desired outcomes for the role

Background and experience with this role

Showed comfort during the interview

Struck positive rapport with the Committee

Was willing to travel, work evenings and weekends


. Could you tell us about yourself,

• Why are you interested in this job position

. how does this job fit into your career projection?

• What background and experience make you an ideal candidate?

• What are the growth areas required for you to be successful in this position?

• What is your passion

How would this job fit with your passion?

• As a senior leader, you would be required to travel as well as work overtime. Would this be a problem?


During the interview, the selection committee should always give time for the candidate to answer the questions. The committee is free to add or modify the questions to suit every industry. While interviewing, the committee members must display empathy and always encourage the candidates to answer the questions.

Rating Guide

Criteria Score Factor Rating
Overall Fit & Suitability
Senior Leadership
Oral Presentation
Overall total

Coordination of the Interviews

The hiring manager will consult with the committee in selecting the dates for the interview and the location where the interview will take place. Once the location, date, and time have been selected, the hiring manager would now invite these candidates to the interview (Robert, 1997). The applicants are served with the names and titles of all the members of the committee.


On the interview day, the selection committee must meet at least 30 minutes before the start of the interview. Meeting early enables the committee to review the process. The hiring manager needs to possess printed copies of the questions and the rating guide marked during the interview (Compton, Morrissey, & Nankervis, 2009).  The availability of the questions and the rating would help each committee member understand what is supposed to be done.

When the interview starts, all candidates are introduced to every member. It is at this time that the hiring manager will explain the entire process to the candidates. This process includes the length of time assigned to each candidate, explaining that the candidates are supposed to answer a series of questions verbally. Toward the end of the interview, the candidates will have time to ask some questions (Compton, Morrissey, & Nankervis, 2009). The candidates should be told when the committee will communicate and follow up steps or the second round of the interview if it is necessary. After the interview, the committee will score the candidates according to the rating guide san score. The committee members will have to discuss their scores and reach a consensus score overall rating (Paycor, 020). The hiring manager will now collect all the rating guides from the members, and interview questions and keep them secure. Keeping all these documents is important because, in the event of litigation, the documents must be available.


Once the committee settles on a preferred candidate, the hiring manager will request the selected applicants to provide at least three referees. The hiring manager should establish a relationship between the candidate and the referee, in addition to contacting the referee to inquire about the selected candidates (Compton, Morrissey, & Nankervis, 2009). This inquiry is meant to know more about the selected candidate. This information will help the panel determine who is the best among the many.

Java Group Legal Consideration for Recruitment

Some of the legal considerations when recruitment and selecting are; the minimum wage bill. The company hires but understands that it must pay the employees an amount above the minimum wage bill. The second legal consideration is diversity. Recruitment at Java Group takes the issue of diversity seriously; there is no discrimination when hiring individuals.

How to Measure Success (Metrics of Success)

In measuring whether the selection and recruitment are successful, certain metrics are used. One of the metrics is the retention rate. This is a long-term metric; when the management realizes that the retention rate is increasing and the rate of turnover is decreasing, they know that the recruitment process was effective. Applicant satisfaction is the second metric to gauge the success of the recruitment process; when the hired employees show signs of satisfaction with the work, then the recruitment process is said to be successful. Quality of hire is another metric; when the recruited employees are perfect and talented, the selection process is said to be successful.


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For this assignment, choose either option 1 or 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the instructions below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.

Strategic Staffing and Organizational Development at Java Corp- Filling Supervisory and Managerial Positions in a Growing Company

Strategic Staffing and Organizational Development at Java Corp- Filling Supervisory and Managerial Positions in a Growing Company

Option 1
You are the new HR manager for Java Corp, which specializes in cold coffee and iced tea. Java Corp is small but quickly growing. There are 300 employees in the company and the organization has a history of a stable workforce with very limited turnover. Recently, the company gained over 200 employees and there are a number of supervisory and managerial positions that need to be filled. The CEO has asked you to work with her to fill positions based on an organizational structure she has just created.

New supervisors and managers are needed in IT (one), marketing (one), operations (two), and security (one). Each of these areas has seasoned internal employees eager to compete for jobs, though some may not be as qualified as external candidates. Develop a recruitment and selection plan that is best suited for this situation and make appropriate recommendations to the CEO.

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