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Strategic Recommendations for Enhancing Netflix’s Human Resources- A Collaborative Approach

Strategic Recommendations for Enhancing Netflix’s Human Resources- A Collaborative Approach

Integrative Bargaining

According to Opresnik (2016), one of the key integrative bargaining elements that will help the two parties navigate the severance negotiation successfully is understanding each other’s interests. Sharon should listen to Alice’s financial and job transition needs before implementing the severance decision. Also, Sharon Slade should foster an environment that encourages open communication. This will allow Alice to express her concerns, goals, and expectations freely. Sharon should also adopt creative problem-solving measures, which will include looking beyond traditional monetary considerations. For instance, instead of issuing severance pay, Sharon may consider writing Alice a strong recommendation to help her get a job. There is also a need to adopt flexible negotiation terms to hasten an agreement. For instance, adding the length of the severance period will help the two parties reach a win-win agreement. Finally, Sharon Slade should seek professional support to ensure the final severance agreement is legal and ethical.

Positive First Impressions

Sharon should start the meeting by smiling immediately when she meets Alice. A smile will give the impression that Sharon is happy to meet Alice, and this will make the latter open to the human resource officers’ recommendations (Opresnik, 2016). Sharon should also consider donning an official suit to reflect power. As a rule of thumb, the better dressed a negotiator appears, the more likely the other party will trust them. Also, while shaking hands during meetings, Sharon should avoid making the handshake too firm or too soft. Firm handshakes will create a perception of wanting to dominate, while a soft handshake makes one appear indecisive (Opresnik, 2016). A balanced handshake bolsters a sense of trust.

Also, while shaking Alice’s hand, Sharon should look directly into her eyes. This act inspires confidence and positivity from the onset of the meeting (Cuddy, 2012). Before diving into the meeting agenda, there is a need to initiate small talk about matters such as one’s family. Engaging in small talk will create the impression that Sharon is impressed meeting Alice even before discussing official business.

Overt Communication Recommendations

Discussing the reasoning behind the severance decision will come in handy. Being open about the reasons behind the severance decision will help create a collaborative atmosphere for successful negotiation. For instance, in this case, Sharon should inform Alice about Netflix’s culture of retaining effective employees only (Netflix, 2023). Also, Sharon should express empathy regarding Alice’s situation. Being aware of the emotional aspect of the situation will help reach an amicable solution quicker. Sharon should openly discuss the possibility of giving Alice references in the future to help her acquire a new job. The two parties should agree on the terms of reference at the negotiating table. Another way to foster overt communication is by encouraging questions. Asking questions will help Alice understand all terms of negotiation and ask for clarification whenever they fail to understand an issue. Overt communication aligns with Netflix’s open communication culture (First Round Review, n.d.). Finally, providing documentation covering the terms of negotiation is crucial. Documentation provides clarity and avoids potential misunderstandings.


Regarding the location of the meeting, an ambient space design in an office would be the most effective meeting point for the two parties (Opresnik, 2016). By hosting Alice in her office, Sharon will have a perceived ‘home advantage’, which will enable her to negotiate successfully. On the other hand, Alice would be comfortable with an office meeting since it would be a neutral space.

Tacit Versus Overt Communication

Overt communication is effective if trust exists between the negotiating parties. Once there is trust, overt communication encourages openness and honesty. Also, legal requirements may require the employer to explicitly communicate terms of severance, and in that case, one will have to use overt communication. On the other hand, tacit communication may be used as a strategic tool to measure the other party’s reactions before responding appropriately.

Application of Tacit and Overt Communication in Sharon’s Situation

By using overt communication, Alice will understand why her severance must be implemented based on the company’s culture. That will make her not feel like she is incompetent in her position. Alternatively, by using tacit communication, Sharon will have the opportunity to understand whether Alice is emotionally prepared for severance.


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For this assignment, your instructor will divide the class into groups of four to five students. There are several requirements and deadlines for this small group discussion, so be sure to follow them carefully to earn the maximum credit for this assignment.

For this discussion you will be working within your assigned small group to develop five recommendations that you will propose to Sharon Slade, the chief human resources officer of Netflix.

Strategic Recommendations for Enhancing Netflix's Human Resources- A Collaborative Approach

Strategic Recommendations for Enhancing Netflix’s Human Resources- A Collaborative Approach

Your recommendations should include the following critical elements:

Incorporate concepts of integrative bargaining (i.e., win-win bargaining or interest-based bargaining). Your goal is to create an environment that increases the likelihood of reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.
Identify ways that Sharon can make a positive first impression using tacit communication, such as body language, tone of voice, and so on. Explain your reasoning.
Identify examples of effective overt communication that Sharon can use in this negotiation. Explain your reasoning.
Suggest a location for the negotiation session that will create confidence in both Sharon and Alice and a positive basis for the discussion.
Identify situation(s) when Sharon should use tacit communication. In which situation(s) should Sharon use overt communication? Explain your reasoning.
Compare the impact of the overt and tacit communication in these situations and how they will affect the message Sharon is sending.

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