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Should Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws Be Eliminated?

Should Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws Be Eliminated?

In my opinion, minimum wage and living wages ought to be eliminated because the two affect the elderly, minorities, and teenagers in adverse ways. The high unemployment rates amongst minority communities are a testament to the adverse effects. By eliminating the minimum wage, a GDP increase would follow since, for every percentage increase in unemployment, a 2-3% fall in GDP follows (Speltzer, 2009). Historically, several economists, their political persuasions notwithstanding, are of the opinion that minimum wage laws, though well intended, tend to be counterproductive when it comes to improving low-wage workers’ well-being, especially when compared to other policies such as the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit. When an organization deems that an employee is unproductive so as to warrant the mandated higher wage, such an employee may become jobless or even not hired right from the onset (Kreider, 2019).

If the aim of minimum wage laws is poverty reduction, even where it could be viewed as effective, the laws are perceived to be less efficient in targeting compared to policies which are designed to subsidize poor households’ income in a direct way, for example, via tax credits including the expansion of Earned Income Tax Credit, or through in-kind transfers such as subsidized health insurance and food assistance. While the public may perceive that such programs are costly and yet an increase in the minimum wage would appear free, the measuring of true cost is complicated in comparison to measuring the cost of running a program; an increase in the minimum wage is not free. Hence, it would make better economic sense to remove the laws and focus on other programs to reduce poverty (Kreider, 2019). The best option, in my opinion, is to empower people to run small businesses by offering tax incentives. This would increase job opportunities and create economic growth (Köehler, 2009).  ‘Made in America’ should increase with incentives and with more goods being exported.


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Should Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws Be Eliminated.

Should Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws Be Eliminated?

In my Economics Analysis/Policy class, I need help with a discussion board topic from the following reading assignment:

Bonello, F., & Lobo, I. (2015). Taking sides: Clashing views on economic issues (16th edition).

2.5 Should Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws Be Eliminated?

I could not find the e-textbook for Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Economic Issues (16 edition), but I found the homework assignment regarding the topic in the course Hero. Could you please edit it?

Read the case study from our Taking Sides text in the Session 1 Readings entitled: “Should Minimum Wage and Living Laws be Eliminated.”

For healthy economic growth, we want as many people employed as possible in our domestic economy! However, when the minimum wage is raised, companies trying to keep their costs down and their profits up often must lay off workers to pay higher wages to the workers left. Articulate in 1-2 paragraphs your point of view on this issue. What is the most effective way to promote economic growth while providing for minimum wage workers? Remember that GDP and economic growth have both a Consumption component and a Business Investment component!

Support your position with one to two sources.

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