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Session Two Team Development Plan

Session Two Team Development Plan

Purpose of Session Two

The purpose of session two is to plan the actual team activities. The first session was about creating a vision, and now the team is ready to start doing activities that will help the team achieve its vision. This session aims to solicit all team members’ contributions to the team’s cohesion. The session will include activities that enhance the team working abilities of the team members since they will be important throughout the team development process.

Change Management and the Disciplines of Team Learning and Systems Thinking

Change management refers to applying various tools, techniques, and processes to facilitate the effective implementation of change and the achievement of a given business outcome. Change management entails planning change activities, designing change teams, and managing challenges that often affect change effectiveness (Todnem, 2005). For change to be successful, an organization must have a learning culture. Two of the five disciplines that enhance the learning capabilities of an organization include team learning and systems thinking.

Team learning refers to a collaborative effort by all team members to achieve a common goal. Organizations rely on teams to develop and implement critical strategies (Senge, 2006). Team learning enables individual teams to be more skillful in facilitating organizational change by applying inquiry and collaborative techniques that enhance the achievement of organizational development goals.

On the other hand, systems thinking is a holistic framework for creating interconnected relationships and systems that facilitate cause-and-effect relationships (Senge, 2006). The effectiveness of a team is dependent on an organizational system designed to make that team effective. It is important to be aware of the several interrelated factors within an organizational system that affect change effectiveness and design them to support the achievement of objectives (Mehta, 2016).

Selected Learning Discipline

The selected discipline for session two is team learning. This session is designed to help the team members learn how to work collaboratively, which is the basic principle behind team learning. The team should be able to think together by sharing their insights, ideas, skills, and knowledge on what is needed for the team to be effective. Team learning is required for this session to help the team members communicate and work together in planning the activities of the entire team development process.

Group Exercise

The activity for this session will be an “adventure hunt.” The team members will play a game mimicking a successful workplace set-up. This game involves finding “treasures” that are the components of a successful organization. By finding the treasures, the team members can determine the components that need to be included in the team to make the change process successful. This is a fun and engaging experience while at the same time enhancing collaboration between the team. The team will work together to find and apply the treasures in the real team set-up in the coming sessions.

Selected Organization for the Project

The selected organization for this project is a business organization. The team development project is focused on a car dealership business. This business’s success is highly dependent on the successful collaboration of its sales and marketing team. The sales and marketing team is affected by internal competition since all members want to make the most sales. The organization needs incremental change to enhance team collaboration. The team members must understand that they have shared objectives for business rather than individual success. There have been many conflicts happening among employees. Constant disagreements occur, and it is normal for diverse teams, but there is a need to learn how to handle them in a way that does not affect team effectiveness. In this organization, the team members barely understand the importance of collaborating. They do not solve conflicts in time, which leads to the failure of the organization’s projects. This team development process aims to help the team members learn how to handle collaborative projects and deal with challenges that affect team cohesion.

Session Two Schedule

The date of session two is yet to be discussed by the team members. The following is a draft schedule that covers the activities to take place on the day of the session. The plan is subject to change depending on the team members’ discussions.

Time Activity Duration
2:00 p.m. Introduction to session activities 10 minutes
2:15 p.m. Treasure hunt activity 40 minutes
3:00 p.m. Discussion of results of the treasure hunt. 40 minutes.
3:45 p.m. Conclusion of session


Mehta, A. (2019). Peter Senge on learning organisations-part 1. HR Future, 2019(Jan 2019), 14-15.

Senge, P. M. (2006). The fifth discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization. Broadway Business.

Todnem By, R. (2005). Organisational change management: A critical review. Journal of Change Management, 5(4), 369-380.


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Session Two Team Development Plan

[u06a1] Unit 6 Assignment 1

Team Development Plan: Session Two


The purpose of this assignment is to prepare your plan for your second team development session. After receiving feedback from your instructor, you will conduct your session and prepare a report on the experience for submission in Unit 8 as an assignment. In your plan, you will indicate what you wish to achieve in your second session, the learning discipline you propose to apply with your group (Team Learning or Systems Thinking), and the exercise you will use to promote capacity in your team with respect to your chosen discipline.


For this assignment, develop an exercise based on either Team Learning and Systems Thinking, and write your plan for the second team development session. You might find it helpful to look ahead to Units 7 and 8 for more information on “Systems Thinking.” Your instructor will provide feedback on this assignment.

Include the following information in this assignment:

  • Describe the intended purpose for session two of team development.

    Session Two Team Development Plan

    Session Two Team Development Plan

  • Define change management and explain the two disciplines, Team Learning and Systems Thinking.
  • Explain the learning discipline you have selected, why you have selected it, and why it is important.
  • Explain the group exercise you have selected, and how you will use the team development material.
  • Describe the organization you have selected for your project. Also, specifically identify the sector of the organization:
    • Non-profit.
    • Business or industry.
  • Outline the schedule for your team development session two. Include the names and titles of the organization team members participating in the sessions, and the scheduled meeting dates and times. If you have not been able to solidify any part of your schedule, please give a report on your progress.
  • Optional: Include two or three questions you have about this assignment.
Submission Requirements
  • Document format: APA format preferred. Use APA for references.
  • References: Include title and reference pages.
  • Length: The length of your paper will depend on how much you develop the ideas in your plan.
  • Font and spacing: Papers should be double-spaced and in a standard font.
  • Writing: Writing should be well organized and clear, with correct spelling and grammar. Align paper paragraphs/headings/topics to match with scoring guide distinguished categories.

Due Date: End of Unit 6.

Percentage of Course Grade: 5%.

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