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Selling of Air Purification Systems to Poland

Selling of Air Purification Systems to Poland

Introduction and Problem Identification

One problem that Poland faces is air pollution. The problem significantly impacts the well-being and health of the country’s occupants. According to Nazar & Niedoszytko (2022), the World Health Organization notes that Poland has one of the worst air quality in the European Union due to air pollution. The problem worsens further when the diseases lead to the death of an estimated 50,000 people in the country every year (Dąbrowiecki et al., 2021). Air pollution is acute in urban centres where the population and the concentration of the pollutants are also high. The problem requires solutions that can help reduce the negative impacts of air pollution.


My proposal is for the company’s executives to sell a product to Poland that will help reduce the potential impacts of air pollution. Such a product will be an air purification system. Households and businesses can buy the products to ensure the air environment has purified air. The air purification systems will be fitted with advanced technology that can detect and remove pollutants from the air to ensure that people’s environment is clean and healthy.

Despite the potential benefits identified above, the commencement of production and selling of air purification systems in Poland will likely face various obstacles. The first obstacle likely to be encountered is the legal background obstacle. Poland may present the MNC with various regulations and standards for pollution control and air quality standards. As a result, the company has to ensure that the regulations are fully met. Another obstacle likely to be encountered is associated with the people’s cultural background in Poland. They are likely to perceive the intended systems as having a toll on their health and thus resist the products. Lastly, the MNC will need more awareness among the public regarding the benefits of air purification systems, making it challenging to market the products effectively.

One local company that the MNC should consider partnering with in Poland is Prosat. The company sells various products in Polish markets, such as boilers, central heating systems, and garden tools. Partnering with Prosat Inc. will be crucial because the company has an existing customer base and a good understanding of the local market. The knowledge will help the MNC to navigate many local government obstacles, such as regulations and cultural barriers, to build trust with potential customers.

Selling the purification systems to Poland by the MNC will have various benefits. First, the company will obtain a new market for its products and thus increase its customer base and revenue margins. Second, selling the products to Poland will enhance the company’s corporate image as the products promote good public health and a better natural environment. Lastly, the MNC will benefit from partnering with Prosat to reduce market entry risks and increase chances of success.


Dąbrowiecki, P., Adamkiewicz, Ł., Mucha, D., Czechowski, P. O., Soliński, M., Chciałowski, A., & Badyda, A. (2021). Impact of air pollution on lung function among preadolescent children in two cities in Poland. Journal of Clinical Medicine10(11), 2375.

Nazar, W., & Niedoszytko, M. (2022). Air pollution in Poland: A 2022 narrative review with focus on respiratory diseases. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health19(2), 895.


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You are an employee at a multinational corporation (MNC). Your goal is to convince the executives in the MNC to start selling a product or service to a country to help them solve a problem. Provide an executive summary (350-500 words) to explain the current problem in the country and propose a solution using your company’s product or service. Provide research and evidence that supports your summary. Use the following format:

Selling of Air Purification Systems to Poland

Selling of Air Purification Systems to Poland

Introduction and Problem Identification

Select one of the three countries you used in Topic 2 globalization presentation assignment (Poland, Bahamas, or Liberia). Provide an overview of a current problem in the country and the impact the problem is having on the country.

Propose a Solution

As an employee at an MNC, you are trying to convince the executives at the MNC to start selling a product or service to the country to resolve their current problem.

Highlight potential obstacles the MNC could face when starting to sell the product or service to the country (e.g., economic, legal, and cultural factors).
Identify a local business within the country that could partner with the MNC to sell the product or service.
Identify how selling the product or service to the country would benefit the MNC (e.g., return on investment, market expansion, corporate image).
General Requirements

In-text citations are not required, but references should appear in an addendum to the executive summary.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assessment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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