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Self-reflection- Business communications

Self-reflection- Business communications

Communication at the workplace is a critical element for seamless work performance. During a recent assignment at my workplace, I was assigned a leadership responsibility. I was tasked with heading a team, which would complete specific assignments for a month. As the leader, I was responsible for guiding, engaging, involving, and communicating with my team members. During this period, business communications were critical.

I utilized business communications to inform the team members about the assignment, the expected goals, the timelines, their roles, responsibilities, and the management’s expectations. This communication played a significant role in eliminating any possibility of confusion because we all understood our responsibilities. It also allowed the team members to voice their opinions regarding strategies and the entire assignment. Through communication, I was able to obtain feedback about the processes and objectives, leading to improvement. This is one of the concepts that was instrumental in successfully managing the team and completing the assignment.

The most important aspect that I obtained from this course is the process of communication. I learned the process of creating an effective communication strategy for both personal and business situations. I learned that I need to use the right communication platforms to deliver the intended message. I also appreciate the importance of two-way communication and feedback. Feedback that is descriptive and specific allows all parties to improve the entire communication process and the task at hand. Different issues or contexts require varied forms of communication. For instance, a business meeting calls for formal communication. A personal issue can be solved using informal means of communication. I also understand the role that communication plays in conflict resolution or avoidance. Through communication, I can express my ideas more effectively, clarify issues to avoid misunderstandings, obtain constructive criticism and feedback, as well as create and maintain meaningful relationships with friends and colleagues.

For learners pursuing online learning, it is necessary to ensure they remain up to date with the coursework. This ensures that they do not fall behind on their assignments, leading to better grades. Secondly, it is necessary to read and research widely. Research allows the learners to learn more than the instructors teach. It also opens their thinking process and exposes them to more findings that are related to their coursework. This results in a better understanding of the main concepts in the coursework. Finally, it is important to get together with a few colleagues for group activities. In group activities, the students educate each other by sharing ideas among themselves. These activities promote effective communication and critical thinking alongside problem-solving. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize the process of collaboration to enhance the entire learning process.


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In order to consider and review your learning, reflect on your experiences in this course. Take the time to debrief what you accomplished or struggled to accomplish. Reflect on the major concepts you studied in this course:

Business fundamental knowledge.
Critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving for business professionals.

Self-reflection- Business communications

Self-reflection- Business communications

Business communications.
Research, academic writing, and APA references.
Value of learning communities and discussions.
Create a response of approximately 300–400 words that discusses the following reflective questions about the concepts covered in this course. Please relate each concept to how it has improved your professional and personal interactions in the workplace or in your community.

In detail, indicate how you have applied the one-course concept in a workplace or personal situation.
Give an example of what helped you the most from this course and tell why.
What suggestions would you give yourself or other learners to ensure a better online educational experience?

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