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Resources Short Essay

Resources Short Essay

The Community Resource

Summary of the Community Resource

The applicable community resource is ‘A Family’s Touch Daycare, LLC.’ This resource can be recommended for parents not living far from the place. Its location is in Long Beach, New York. Typically, it is a home-based preschool program, providing developmental activities and age-suitable care. Infant care concentrates on giving opportunities for speech, language, and social-emotional, as well as fine and gross motor ability development. Normally, toddlers tend to separate by age. Through precise schedules, kids are encouraged to build and explore independence using unstructured and structured learning activities. The activities include circle time, math time, storytime, learning centres, and showtime. For preschool learners, there is an introduction to phonic awareness, pre-reading abilities, sound and letter recognition, basic math ideas, pre-writing skills, science projects, and technology time. Additionally, there is an available kindergarten program that integrates the instructional style of the local school district. Before and aftercare, the school-age can access tutoring, projects, supervised computer programs, physical activities, crafts, and games.

Relevance of the Community Resource to Educators and Parents

This resource is, for the most part, valuable to parents. This is because it helps the children grow mentally and emotionally. Children get to socialize with other kids and gain social skills. Additionally, they have a lot of fun through children’s activities such as gaming and storytelling. Teachers can use some teaching materials from this resource.

Encouraging Parents to Use the Community Resource

I will encourage parents to use this resource through its advertisement. I have known the resource personally, and most parents have highly benefited from using it. I will have parents give testimonials about the advantages they have gained from introducing their children to the community resource.

The Virtual Resource

Summary of the Virtual Resource

One of the resources that I could recommend to parents is ZERO TO THREE. The website tends to be the national center for families, toddlers, and infants. Typically, the organization is devoted to comprehending kids’ development from infancy to three years. Precisely, it comprises information on early development and well-being, early learning, parenting, and policy and advocacy. In parenting, the website explains how to establish loving connections in babies that tend to last for a lifetime.

Relevance of the Virtual Resource to Educators and Parents

The resource is valuable for teachers and parents because it comprises vital information that could benefit the development of children. It gives details on development and behaviour, and parents can benefit from this information and assist them in taking care of their children more effectively. Additionally, it concentrates on ending the mistreatment of very young kids. At this site, teachers can find comprehensive information regarding the developmental and educational necessities of the children. They can find information on how to effectively work with parents in encouraging effective child development. As such, the website tends to be one of the best early childhood development websites for anyone handling toddlers and infants, especially parents.

Encouraging Parents to Use the Virtual Resource

I will encourage parents to use this resource by getting information on any concerns or awareness they may require. I will find some general sample resources and issue them out to show them an example of the information present on the website. An article such as Kinsner (2018) talks about the nine elements that tend to influence positive parenting. According to the article, parents should realize and celebrate their children’s abilities, strengths, and capability to develop and learn (Kinsner, 2018). Recommendations such as articles for parents can encourage them to search for more from this site.

A Virtual Resource for an Early Childhood Professional

Summary of the Virtual Resource

The virtual resource that I would use in an early childhood profession is ‘A Place of Our Own.’ This tends to be an upcoming website encouraging the development of children in different ways. It also comprises a lot of information about child development that could be very beneficial to teachers. The centre aims to assist in bridging the numerous educational gaps through obtainable resources, educational programs, and community events. It comprises children’s shows and community programs that encourage the development of children.

Relevance of the Virtual Resource to Educators and Parents

This resource tends to be very valuable to educators and parents because of the numerous resources it presents. Most importantly, it has educational resources that could benefit teachers in solving problems with kids. Precise articles have educational information about some disorders. An article like Sanchez (2007a) gives teachers tips on identifying auditory processing disorders. The parents can also highly benefit from this source. For instance, some of the common symptoms of auditory processing disorder comprise children not responding to their names when called and those having challenges following oral directions.

Encouraging Parents and Teachers to Use the Virtual Resource

I will encourage using this resource to parents and teachers by showcasing the information that I gained from using the resources. Additionally, this will help the teachers see the reality of how the site can be beneficial. In addition, I will identify the areas that some teachers could be struggling with as far as early childhood education is concerned and refer to some of the resources from the benefit that they could benefit. For example, a resource by Sanchez (2007) provides many solutions for teachers who may have challenges in teaching math to young children. Kids can learn math concepts in daily undertakings devoid of materials (Sanchez, 2007b).


Kinsner, K., MacLaughlin, S., and Parlakian, R. (2018). Nine elements that power positive parenting. ZERO TO THREE.

Sanchez, E. (2007a). Early learning areas: Mathematics. Everyday Math. A Place of Our Own.

Sanchez, E. (2007b). Special Needs: Identifying and assessing children with special needs. Managing Special Needs in the Primary School, 30-56. A Place of Our Own.


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As an early childhood educator, it is crucial to identify resources around the community to create a quality early care and education program. Our communities provide resources for families and early care and education programs to support children’s development. The Internet is a virtual tool that provides access to many resources. As a professional, you will need to evaluate the resources for quality and credibility.

Resources Short Essay

Resources Short Essay

For this assignment, you will write a three- to four-page paper providing a review of a community resource and two virtual resources that are available to you. Please include:

One community resource to share with parents and to use as an early childhood professional to support children’s development.
One virtual resource to share with parents.
One virtual resource that you can use as an early childhood professional.
For each of these resources, please provide the following:

A summary of what the resource includes and how it supports children’s development.
A rationale explaining why this resource is valuable to educators and parents.
An explanation of how you will use this resource as an educator or how you will encourage parents to use this resource.

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