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Resilience Mastery Reflection

Resilience Mastery Reflection

Building Energy and Resilience

What can you do to improve the quality of your activity or reduce the quantity to bring more resilience to your lifestyle?

To bring more resilience to my lifestyle, I can ensure that I start my days with a physical workout. Starting a day with physical activity helps relieve physical and mental stress, preparing a person for all the tasks planned (Deslandes et al., 2009). This helps to increase resilience.

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How can you improve the quality or quantity of your rest to revitalize yourself?

One thing that I would do to improve my quality of rest is to reduce the use of social media. A lot of my time is wasted on my smartphone. For instance, I first look at my social media pages when I wake up. I also waste much time at night looking at my phone instead of sleeping. Controlling my social media use will provide adequate time to rest and revitalize myself.

What habits do you need to replace with more positive behaviors?

I need to replace the habit of overusing my social media with reading a book. Instead of interacting with strangers online, reading and getting new helpful information would be better. I can also change my habit of taking unhealthy foods with too much sugar and fats to enhance my health.

What are your internal motivators for achieving more resilience?

One of the factors that internally motivates me is the pursuit of success. I have a set of goals that I must achieve to consider myself successful. My journey to achieving these goals motivates me to work harder. I am also internally driven by the pursuit of knowledge. I look at all situations as learning experiences. The will to learn makes me more resilient. Lastly, I am motivated by enjoyment. I tend to be more resilient towards activities that I love doing.

What are your external motivators for achieving more resilience?

My primary external motivator is the material gains I get from my work. For instance, I am motivated by financial compensation in my professional career. In physical workouts, I am inspired by the body changes that occur when I work hard. I am also inspired by the need to fulfill people’s expectations. For instance, as a leader, I work hard to meet the expectations of team members.

What is the vision of the more resilient life you want to need?

My vision of a more resilient life is one where small failures do not quickly put me down. I tend to be easily stressed by small losses that make me second-guess myself and my decisions. I want to reach a point where such experiences are learning opportunities and chances for improvement.

What is your plan to build more energy?

My plan to build more energy is to minimize stress and to learn continuously. I want to reduce mental stress, stay positive, and take every situation as a learning experience to improve resilience.

Leadership Growth Plan

  1. Areas for Building Awareness
    1. Things that waste my time
    2. Activities that help to improve my resilience
    3. Exercises that will enhance my wellbeing
  2. New Commitments to Make
    1. Reduce the rate at which I use my phone on social media.
    2. Start every day with a workout.
    3. Reduce intake of unhealthy foods.
  3. New Practices to Begin
    1. Have specific times to switch off my phone
    2. Pay gym membership
    3. Develop and stick to a meal plan
  4. Potential Obstacles
    1. Being used to old habits can make it hard to adjust.
  5. Timeline and Measures of Success
    1. In a week, I will maintain the use of social media to less than two hours a day.
    2. I will consistently stick to a written meal and exercise plan by next week.

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Deslandes, A., Moraes, H., Ferreira, C., Veiga, H., Silveira, H., Mouta, R., … & Laks, J. (2009). Exercise and mental health: many reasons to move. Neuropsychobiology, 59(4), 191-198.


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Unit 4 Discussion 1: Resilience Mastery Reflection

After reading Cashman’s Chapter 6 on resilience mastery (linked in Resources), thoughtfully write your responses to the exercise questions for Reflection: Building Energy and Resilience on page 165 and Leadership Growth Plan: Resilience Mastery on page 166.

Resilience Mastery Reflection

Resilience Mastery Reflection

Response Guidelines

Read one other learner’s resilience/balance reflection and offer insightful comments.


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