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Research and Problem Solving

Research and Problem Solving

I live in TX and am working on my ASSOCIATES in Business Management. The major problem I am facing right now concerns my daughter. She currently has a permanent catheter due to being in stage one of kidney disease but cannot get on Medicaid in Texas because it is not considered a disability. The major issue for me is finding someone who will look past the paperwork and see the person who is only 21.

Solving the Problem

I would solve the problem by requesting kidney treatment specialists and doctors in major hospitals around me to help me get past the paperwork and get my daughter medical care as soon as possible. I understand that I need to be ready to meet all medical care costs so that my daughter continues receiving treatment without the paperwork required. Therefore, I will request donors to help me fund my daughter’s medical care and convince them to help me by explaining the initiatives I have taken to get the medical help my daughter requires, including my efforts to get her on Medicaid.

Required Research and Resources

I would need to research the best catheter and kidney treatment facilities around Texas and their charges. To do so, I will need to visit their websites to get all the information I need. I would also have to look for client reviews on social media platforms and testimonials to choose the best facility for my daughter. I may also need to contact some clients who have received catheter and kidney treatment from the facilities. I will reach the clients via their social media pages using the name they give in their testimonials.

Justifying the Solution

According to Parente (2018), receiving medical care in the United without medical insurance is expensive. The increased cost of care forces patients without medical insurance to follow all procedures needed to access medical care to reduce the cost they have to incur to get quality care. Unfortunately, I am in this category of patients because my daughter cannot access Medicaid due to catheters not being considered a disability. Therefore, I would justify my solution by stating that it is the only way my daughter can get quality medical care without considering the paperwork because she is not eligible for special treatment under Medicaid since States like Texas do not identify patients like my daughter as a person with a disability.


Parente, S. T. (2018). Factors contributing to higher health care spending in the United States compared with other high-income countries. JAMA, 319(10), 988.


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In your initial post, briefly introduce yourself to your peers. Then, briefly describe a problem that you or a group of people you belong to are currently experiencing.

Research and Problem Solving

Research and Problem Solving

Explain the main characteristics of the problem, the obstacles you face in getting it solved, and your goal. Then, address the following:
• How would you solve the problem?
• What research and resources will you need to solve it?
• How would you justify your solution?

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