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Reflection – Being Mastery

Reflection – Being Mastery

Exploring the Leader Within

            The exercise of exploring the leader within is a good exercise for learning about one’s Being. It helps a person to be at peace enough to think about their life, feelings, and other issues that can affect their leadership (Cashman, 2017). In doing this activity, I thought it was helpful towards the end. However, it was quite uncomfortable in the beginning. While trying to concentrate, it was hard to control the unwanted thoughts and just focus on the kinds of thoughts that the guidelines wanted me to. It also felt weird to just focus on thinking about myself since I had never done any meditation exercise before. However, in the end, I was able to be as peaceful as I wanted to be and do the exercise as required.

However, I believe that this exercise is helpful in developing a good leader, especially when done occasionally. Understanding the core of who a person is helpful in understanding the factors that affect how a person lives and interacts with others. For instance, in this exercise, one can understand the things they value, their emotions and attitudes towards certain things, and the things that affect their emotions, among other things. Once these factors are understood then one can understand how to develop the best version of themselves so that they can become better leaders. By partaking in this exercise, I was able to relax enough to start evaluating my Being. However, since I am not good at meditation this was not enough to really understand myself. I can, however, tell that through guidance I can learn more about my being and become better at the exercise.

My culture supports the idea of dialogue about the importance of Being to being a leader.  In my culture, people are always encouraged to self-assess so that they can understand how their own personal characteristics contribute to their leadership. However, this is a difficult topic to have because people often see their weaknesses as insecurities and tend to be less willing to talk about them.

Leadership Growth Plan

  1. Areas of Building Awareness
    1. My emotions and their effects on others
    2. My strengths and weaknesses
    3. Factors that make me happy
  2. New Commitments to Make
    1. I am committed to being better at self-assessment.
    2. I am committed to understanding the effects that all factors around me have on my life and how I interact with others.
  3. New Practices to Begin
    1. To have a short meditation session every day
    2. Download a meditation application to get assistance from a meditation coach.
    3. To reduce the amount of clutter to enable me to think better and be free
    4. To reduce the amount of time I spend online in interactions that are not meaningful and instead spend more time by myself and thinking about my being.
  4. Potential Obstacles
    1. Being used to old habits
    2. Not being able to find time for medication every day
  5. Timeline and Measures of Success
    1. In a month I will be able to personally meditate without the help of a coach
    2. In a month I will be able to comfortably talk about my personal characteristics including what I consider as insecurities.


Cashman, K. (2017). Leadership from the inside out: Becoming a leader for life. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.


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Reflection - Being Mastery

Reflection – Being Mastery

After reading Cashman’s Chapter 7 on being mastery (pages 167–184) complete the Reflection: Exploring the Leader Within on page 177 and the Leadership Growth Plan: Being Mastery exercise on page 184 with an open mind. Then, write your reaction to the exercise. What did you like about it? What made you uncomfortable? Why might this exercise help you be a better leader? Respond to the questions on page 184 regarding what you have learned, your commitments, and your obstacles to being mastered. How does our culture support or obstruct the pursuit and dialogue about the importance of being a leader? Why is it that this is such a difficult topic to discuss (and, at the same time, why is it so essential)?

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