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Reevaluating Student Loan Repayment Plans

Reevaluating Student Loan Repayment Plans

While composing the essay’s first draft, I imagined the audience sympathetic and willing to listen to my perspective. Since the topic affected them, the audience was also hungry for information about the issue. They sought to understand the scenario and find answers to their questions.

The essay’s central claim was reviewing the current repayment plan (Dynarski, 2014). This would provide sufficient resources and motivation to allocate more financial resources to student aid programs (Taliaferro & Duke-Benfield, 2016). In addition, it would alleviate the current repayment crisis that is placing the graduates into worse financial situations. Many Americans with unpaid student loans have taken longer to acquire credit-based assets such as mortgages. This delay is due to the poor credit rating. The high default and delinquency rates raise concerns as to whether the current distribution used in the program is dependable.

The current default rate is partially high due to allocating funds to individuals who lack sufficient financial resources. The claim that poor people should not access these resources is not tenable. This is because the approach would deny the individuals who would like to pursue post-secondary education such an opportunity and even place them in a worse financial situation. After all, they cannot access employment for self-sustenance. In addition, the literacy rates would reduce significantly, affecting the country’s welfare and the job market.

Furthermore, the high default rate is growing due to the rising cost of living (Elliot, 2014). Therefore, this option is not applicable because it does not solve the problem entirely and places the country’s human resources in a worse situation (Dynarski, 2014). Refuting this proposal required intense research to identify the cons of taking such a step. We offer assignment help with high professionalism.


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Post your reflections on how you addressed Objections and Alternative Views in your researched argumentative essay.

Reevaluating Student Loan Repayment Plans

Reevaluating Student Loan Repayment Plans

Assignment Guidelines:

Reflect on the following in a well-developed paragraph:

When composing your first essay draft, did you imagine your audience as sympathetic, hostile, or somewhere in between?
What was the central claim of your essay, and what opposing points of view did you present?
How did you attempt to accommodate or refute opposing arguments, and what challenges did you encounter?

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