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Reading Response- The Montessori Method

Reading Response- The Montessori Method

Montessori stresses the need to allow learners to learn freely with liberty and appropriate instructional ideals. She does this by first expressing a teacher’s attitude by insisting that people, especially teachers, desire to implant the soul of self-sacrificing like that of scientists and the respectful love of Christ’s disciples. With that, the spirit of a teacher shall have been prepared. Besides, Montessori believes that students learn by interest, not discipline, or extrinsic motivations such as prizes cannot inspire kids’ education. She affirms that all human victories and progress rely on the inner force. Hence, young learners might only be great physicians if their education is spurred by an interest that makes medicine their actual career.

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The idea of freedom, which should instigate teaching, is rather universal, according to Montessori. This is illustrated using the butterflies mounted using pins. The same situation is likened to public schools, where kids are curbed in the impulsive expression of their character until they are nearly dead creatures (Montessori, 2014). Within such an institution, the kids are similar to the pinned butterflies, each in their positions, the desks spreading the hopeless wings of empty and barren knowledge they have acquired. This scenario emphasizes that liberty is lacking within the current instruction, and the principle of slavery continues to pervade pedagogy and schools because of the desks. The establishment of these scientific seats denotes that learners were forced into a government, that even if they were delivered straight and strong, the regime moved them into being humpbacked. As such, Montessori recommends that a rational means of combating the humpbacked spinal curvature in learners will be for teachers and schools to transform the instructional techniques so that learners will never be compelled to stay for long hours in a dangerous position. Schools require the quest for freedom, not the bench mechanism.


Montessori, M. (2014). Spontaneous Activity in Education. Montessori Helper.


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First, read the module on Active Reading.

Please use the assigned chapter from Montessori for this writing.

Use some of the active reading techniques as you’re reading the excerpt from
“The Montessori Method.”

Reading Response- The Montessori Method

Reading Response- The Montessori Method

*Make notes about ideas this text suggests and/or statements by Montessori that seem memorable or relevant (as well as the reasons for their relevance).
*Also note areas in which you’re uncertain of the author’s point and write down a question to show what isn’t clear to you.
*Try to predict what will come next as you’re reading. Feel free to use any other technique that you find helpful for engaging in a mental dialogue with the text as you’re reading.

Once you’ve finished reading Montessori actively, write a 300-word account of your reading process. You don’t need to mention every idea that occurred to you.
*However, you should explain several of the ideas and responses you had while reading. Link these ideas to specific parts of Montessori’s text.

Please write your response in two paragraphs.

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