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Project Management for Health Care Professionals-Scenario 3-Urgent Care Center

Project Management for Health Care Professionals-Scenario 3-Urgent Care Center

Section 1: Introduction

Location is essential when opening up new health center facilities. Location impacts the organization in terms of the number of target customers and patients traveling (Winchester & King, 2018). Emergency services should be close to people to save lives. The project focuses on establishing a new urgent care center or facility on the west side of the city by planning and implementing the steps required to open the new healthcare facility. There is only one centralized hospital in the center of the town, which is far from clients in the west. Therefore, there is a need for an urgent care center to be established on the west side of the city to help deal with emergency conditions and reduce the cost and time of going to the city center to seek medical services.

Project Mission Statement

The proposed mission statement is: “to improve the well-being and public health by providing urgent and accessible quality care to patients through bringing healthcare services close to people.”

The project’s core purpose is to ensure that patients on the city’s west side can access quality healthcare services to improve their well-being and health. The mission is specific, short, and clear. One of the problems in healthcare is accessibility to healthcare, where most people in rural areas do not have access to urgent healthcare services. It takes a long time for people to travel to town when seeking healthcare services, which reduces the quality of care and increases the cost of seeking healthcare services (Abimbola, Baatiema & Bigdeli, 2019). Therefore, the project will ensure that people in the West access urgent healthcare and other services quickly by opening an urgent care facility close to them. The facility will improve the well-being and health of people and reduce the cost of healthcare in terms of traveling.

Project Objectives

The first objective is the project’s main objective: to improve well-being and public health and provide basic clinical care for families and patients on the city’s west side. There is a problem in the west side of the city where there is no health facility to deal with emergency issues and provide other services. The project, therefore, seeks to improve the health of patients on the west side of the city by creating an urgent health center facility.

The second objective is: to provide primary services to people, provide lab and x-ray services to patients.

The third objective is: to ensure that care and referrals to local facilities and physicians are affordable. Meeting the objectives will increase the accessibility of healthcare services in the west, which will improve public health.


Abimbola, S., Baatiema, L., & Bigdeli, M. (2019). The impacts of decentralization on health system equity, efficiency and resilience: a realist synthesis of the evidence. Health policy and planning34(8), 605-617.

Winchester, M. S., & King, B. (2018). Decentralization, healthcare access, and inequality in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Health & Place51, 200-207.


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Project Management for Health Care Professionals-Scenario 3- Urgent Care Center


You will be assigned one scenario from the four options listed below to help you create your project
planning documents. Note that only basic information is provided in your scenario. You will need to use
critical thinking skills to determine reasonable financial considerations, actions to complete your project,
and appropriate outcomes. Be creative and make your own assumptions where information is not
provided; make sure your assumptions are reasonable and functional.

Scenario 3: Urgent Care Center

Implement and plan steps necessary for opening a new health care facility on the west side of the city.
There are only one centralized hospital and one urgent care center, and they are all in the center of town.
Many residents on the west side of town have close to a 40-minute drive to either of these facilities. The
existing urgent care facility closes at 7:00 P.M., leaving the emergency department at the hospital as the
only option for those seeking treatment later in the evening.
Location is one of the most important deciding factors when opening an urgent care center. The west side
of the city includes a Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, CVS, and Walgreens. These stores create high traffic volume
and house an ideal strategic location for an urgent care center. There are no medical centers of any kind
on this side of town, and there is a large community of about 81,000 residents.

Project Plan Scenarios

To improve public health and provide basic clinical care for families and patients on the west side of the
The objectives of the new urgent care center are to:

  • 1. Provide added primary care options.
  • 9. Provide x-ray and lab options for patients.
  • 10. Add affordable options for care and referrals to local physicians and facilities.

Financial Review
Budget Item Total

Project Management for Health Care Professionals-Scenario 3 Urgent Care Center

Project Management for Health Care Professionals-Scenario 3 Urgent Care Center

Personnel $300,000.00
Contractual Services $80,000.00
Travel $16,000.00
Transportation of things $80,000.00
Rent, Telecom, Other Comm & Utilities $250,000.00
Printing & Reproduction $60,000.00
Supplies $100,000.00
Equipment $200,000.00
Grants/Cooperative Agreements $0.00
Total $786,000.00
There is sufficient clientele in this demographic region to support an urgent care center.

  • 1. Failure to accredit facility as an urgent care center
  • 11. Failure to receive licensure by the state
  • 12. Failure to receive billing contracts with payers

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