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Program Design Techniques CVS Design

Program Design Techniques CVS Design

CVS Use case diagram

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CVS Use case diagram

A use case technique was chosen as it explains and documents the interaction needed between the system and a user to accomplish the user’s tasks (Dennis, Wixom, & Roth, 2012). A use case shows the activities performed that result in some output. A use case identifies, clarifies, and categorizes the requirements of a system. It creates a possible interaction sequence between users and a plan. Use cases are specifically preferred because they portray the functional requirements which are easy to understand. They also show the interaction objective between actors and a plan and can extend the functionality of another event. Therefore, a use case is the best option for designing how the customers are expected to interact with the video system.

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Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Roth, R. M. (2012). Systems analysis and design. John Wiley & Sons.


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Program Design Techniques – CVS DESIGN

A Cypress Video Store (CVS) runs a series of reasonably standard video stores. Before a video can be put on the shelf, it must be cataloged and entered into the video database. Every customer must have a valid CVS customer card to rent a video. Customers rent videos for three days at a time. Every time a customer rents a video, the system must ensure they do not have overdue videos. If so, the due videos must be returned, and the customer must pay a fine before renting more videos. Likewise, if the customer has returned due videos but has not paid the penalty, the penalty must be paid before new videos can be rented. The store manager prints a report every morning listing the overdue videos.

Program Design Techniques - CVS DESIGN

Program Design Techniques – CVS DESIGN

Based on the readings and your research, select one program design technique of your choice (structure chart, Use Cases, ERD, and DFD). Using MS Visio software, create a diagram for the CVS system to process video renting activities. Copy and paste your charts into a Word document. Explain in a short paragraph why you chose this technique. Make sure you cite your sources with APA guidelines.

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