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Profile of Success- Examining Zappos Profile Strategic Foundation and Organizational Dynamics

Profile of Success- Examining Zappos Profile Strategic Foundation and Organizational Dynamics

Part A

Zappos’ mission is the provision of the best customer service and delivery of WOW via its services. The company seeks to ensure that it delivers quality products and services always without fail improvement of communities and lives is important to the achievement of the mission statement. Already Zappos is renowned for its products in the market. The variety of services that Zappos offers its clients is wide. It also includes sustainable activities that enable it to reach out to the society. This enables Zappos to retain the amazement or delight that accompanies its products through the support services within the community.

Zappos’ vision is to deliver happiness to vendors, employees, and clients. Happiness is delivered through the satisfaction of the client’s needs. Zappos is vigilant about the elements of a product that clients need to gain satisfaction. This means that the company must exceed the client’s expectations. Therefore, the provision of diverse options is a priority and necessity for the organization. For instance, the company offers wedding, sports, and luxury clothing ( LLC, 2021).

Part B

Zappos adopted its strategic management, holacracy, through Tony Heish, the CEO. This decision was communicated to the employees through an email. Zappos delights in having no specific leaders. This approach increases the employees’ autonomy. They can make decisions individually or consult their circles whenever a new challenge comes up. The strategy enables Zappos to create space for employees’ creativity and art. Through the four hundred cells, the staff can organize their work and address issues as they come up (Noguchi, 2015). These cells play the critical role of ensuring that personal interests do not exceed the group’s interests. For holacracy to work, the management must support the employees.

Part C

Zappos’ organizational culture revolves around positivity and productivity. The company’s core values have really helped the organization maintain this culture ( LLC, 2021). The company’s ten core values include

delivering WOW through service

embracing and driving change

creating fun and some weirdness

being adventurous, open-minded, and creative

pursuing growth and learning

building open and honest relationships through communication

creating a positive team with a family spirit

doing more with less

being determined and enthusiastic

being humble ( LLC, 2021).

One such way that Zappos enables a positive and productive culture through open-mindedness and creativity is by maintaining the holacracy strategy. This strategy allows employees to take charge through their cells, making autonomy and faster decision-making more accessible. The absence of leaders enables employees to show their innovativeness (Noguchi, 2015).

Part D

Zappos utilizes holacracy in management. This does not mean that the entity lacks leaders completely. These managers are important in overseeing the various managerial activities such as hiring. The difference is in the ability of employees to make decisions as well. The decision-making process is not only the management’s responsibility (Noguchi, 2015). The four hundred cells that are within the company make most of the daily decisions that regulate various activities in the entity. The self-management process empowers all employees to make an impact on the entity’s operations through the decisions made by their cells. If all members of a cell consent to the decision, it can be implemented. In the process of delivering the WOW effect, employees are free to make decisions that achieve this end.

Part E

Zappos’ principle of ethics is founded on the norms and rules. These norms and rules entail the holacracy strategy of management, acting with integrity, and focusing on the core values. Further, the company rewards certain behaviours from employees, which include altruism, service to the community, family integration, and living by the company’s values. As a customer-oriented organization, it is necessary for employees to observe all the core values that were highlighted initially. This enables the entity to meet its clients’ needs ethically and address the community’s concerns. Furthermore, the companies’ purpose guides ethical behaviour, promoting humility, maximization of resources, honesty, openness, positivity, determination, and passion. These elements facilitate the organization’s cells to make effective decisions that are ethical (Rosetti, 2019). Zappos requires the suppliers and vendors to observe the ethical principles because their actions and decisions impact the company’s image.

Part F

Zappos’ human resource department investigates if an individual fits the company’s values prior to hiring. Candidates are given four weeks to go through the onboarding process. If at the end of this period, they are still interested in joining the entity, they stay. If they decide otherwise, they are free to quit. Those who decided to quit, who are minimal in number, still receive a month’s pay. This enables the organization to hire the right individuals who are service-oriented. Once the new hires are comfortable with all the elements that make up Zappos, they are free to stay (Delaney, 2019). The hiring process allows employees to find out whether they are ready to comply with the ethical aspects that guard the organization.


Delaney, H. (2019). Zappos gives new employees 4 weeks to decide if it’s a good fit — and lets them quit with pay if not. Their head of HR explains how this policy has helped them save money and hire great people.

Noguchi, Y. (2015). Zappos: A Workplace Where No One And Everyone Is The Boss.

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For this assignment, due in Module Three, you will submit a one- to two-page document that will provide a profile of your chosen successful company. You are expected to provide a minimum of two to three sentences for each of the six critical elements: mission and vision, strategic management plan, organizational culture, decision-making, principle of ethics, and human resources.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Profile of a Successful Company

Profile of Success- Examining Zappos Profile Strategic Foundation and Organizational Dynamics

Profile of Success- Examining Zappos Profile Strategic Foundation and Organizational Dynamics

Explain how the company has communicated its mission and vision within the organization. In other words, explain how the company demonstrates the importance of its mission and vision to employees and other stakeholders.

Identify the role that management played in helping this company execute its strategic management plan. Justify your response. You could consider including a specific example of a time when this management plan led the company to success.

Describe how management has helped to positively influence the organizational culture within this company. You could consider using some specific examples, actions, or strategies that show how management has positively influenced organizational culture.

Explain management’s pivotal role in the decision-making process within this company. Be sure to include specific decisions made by management based on principles of ethics. You could discuss specific decision-making models used by the company that may have helped the company be successful.

Evaluate how the use of the functions of management within this company has adhered to the principles of ethics. You could consider how using the functions of management while adhering to the principles of ethics may have impacted the employees of the company.

Explain how this company strategically uses human resources to develop its personnel. You could consider how this use of human resources has enhanced the company’s business processes.

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