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Poem about “Me”

Poem about “Me”

I am the sun awaiting to rise, eagerWe’llim a little more flagrantly (personification)

My strength and undying beauty like a rose forever amazes me (simile)

My family is a vineyard of fruits in the summer morning (metaphor)

They are my strength and rock; Dad is the grape, the greatest amongst us (personification),

Mum is the topsoil that holds us together; she gazes with her clear eyes like water,

My sunshine-colored hair in a ponytail makes me as adorable as a mum (visual imagery)

The twittering of the birds and the lax murmurs of the breeze awaken me each morning. (Auditory imagery).

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Poem about “Me”

Poem about “Me”

For this assignment, you will create a poem in which you will describe yourself. Give it the title Me. Include the following:

The poem will have a Seven (7) line
One verse should contain one (1) metaphor.
One verse should order one (1) simile.
One verse should instruct one (1) personification.
One verse should have (1) a visual image
One verse should have (1) an auditory image
At the end of each line, classify each figure of speech and image being used.
Example: I am a butterfly that brings joy to this world. (metaphor)

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