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How to Write a Persuasive Speech

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

persuasive speech

Changing people’s points of view can be a tough job. You need to persuade people to agree with you and embrace your opinions. Persuasive speeches though not very important in school are very helpful in your professional life. It is important to have a clear idea of what you will be discussing in your homework paper. Firstly, you have to write down a persuasive speech and that means you need to have enough material. It is important to give factual information.

What is a persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech is a speech used to assure a group of people to take part in something like an activity or believe in whatever you are telling them. If you have the perfect persuasive speech you will be able to sway people’s minds into accepting that your point of view is the best. It becomes easy to persuade your audience if you are presenting them with facts and they see you as a sincere person.

Persuasive speeches are used in different professional settings. They can be used in a business to influence your customers into purchasing your goods. You can also use it to sell your argument in a debate or even win a case for your client in a court of law. All these are just a few examples of why you have to acquire enough knowledge on persuasive speeches. Persuasive speeches depend on the following rhetoric to be successful.

  • Ethos – Ethos concentrates on how knowledgeable the speaker is on the subject matter. You have to provide facts and prove that your information is reliable.
  • Pathos – you have to appeal to your listener’s emotions. As a speaker, it is your job to learn how to manipulate the audience using their feelings of compassion, fear, or even love as the easiest form of persuasion.
  • Logos – the speaker relies on reasoning and logical presentations as a tactical means of convincing their listeners. You can talk from experience or use your arguments with reasonable proof.

Writing a persuasive speech

1.      Research and get ready for counterarguments

Make sure you have enough knowledge of the subject matter. Gather enough information from previous persuasive speeches by experts, read books, and even articles from recognized institutions. You should realize that your audience has their opinions on the matter and they will counter what you are saying with their arguments. Prepare for all counterarguments so you can be able to come up with solutions on how you will persuade everybody regardless of their point of view.

2.      Have a goal

Setting a clear objective will let you focus your energy on your goal. Knowing the point you want to drive home will narrow your research on the set objective. When giving your speech ensure your audience understands your goal and the reason you are educating them and trying to persuade them to acknowledge the situation. Do not fail to explain how your point of view impacts the situation positively.

3.      Study your audience

When giving the speech, you need to have some information about your audience. Learn of their knowledge of the topic if they are not conversant with the subject matter give them a little background information. You should also know where their opinions lie. That way you will know the direction to take when trying to persuade them. Let them know of the importance of taking desirable actions you are providing.

4.      Pick your approach

By learning your audience and the goal you can comfortably choose which rhetoric to use. Different audiences have different response mechanisms. Whether it be facts, emotional approach, or command use the method that will best persuade your listeners. There is no restriction in using all approaches together.

5.      Create your outline

After conducting your research note down all the points you will include in your speech. Make sure you pick the most effective of all arguments. Organize everything to avoid confusion. Consider the various factors affecting your speech like time to help you come up with an outline that supports your work.

6.      Persuasive speech thesis statement

The introduction and thesis statement are strong determinants of the road your speech will take. It will serve you right to hook your audience from the start of your speech. Tell a funny story or something interesting to arouse their curiosity about the topic.

7.      Give evidence and desired action

Your audience will be more convinced when provided with facts and solid proof about the information you are giving them. You can also explain how the matter will be of assistance to both of you.

8.      Call to action and practice speech

All that is remaining is to end your speech by encouraging your audience to take the desired action to initiate change. After you’ve completed writing your speech it is advisable to practice giving the speech. This will help you make necessary changes and let you familiarize yourself with your speech.

Persuasive speech outline

Following the persuasive speech outline template while writing your speech ensures you don’t miss out on anything.

1.      Introduction

The introduction is how you start your persuasive speech. You should include attention grabbers like questions so that your audience can focus their attention on you. Educate your listeners on the topic and how the subject matter will be of impact on their lives.

2.      Body

The body normally consists of three or more paragraphs as per the instructions. You use the opportunity to give supporting evidence for your case. You should provide one piece of evidence per paragraph and then expound more within. The last paragraph should consist of a transitional sentence to the conclusion.

3.      Conclusion

The conclusion is used to restate your thesis statement. Summarize your supporting evidence and end your speech by calling your audience to take action in the matter. State why you chose the topic and the importance it will serve.

Persuasive speech topics

Easy persuasive speech topic

  1. People who own pets have great characters
  2. Changing the future is impossible
  3. We should let history shape our lives today
  4. Imposing a ban on the death penalty
  5. Tobacco products are harmful to our bodies and should be banned
  6. Our success is not measured through the wealth we possess
  7. Education should be accessible to every child
  8. Casual clothes should be banned from school grounds. Uniformity brings equality
  9. Different birth circumstances should not encourage abortion.
  10. Do children learn to hate or are they taught?
  11. Parental guidance should be enforced when handling the internet and social media
  12. War has never been a solution for anything
  13. Mistreatment and imposed violence on immigrants should be banned
  14. People should be punished for wasting food while others die of starvation
  15. Craziness kills boredom and brings excitement

Persuasive speech ideas

  1. Death should be optional and dignified
  2. Love is an important aspect of our lives
  3. Bullying is a psychological disorder and has nothing to do with the bullied
  4. Cloning should be forbidden
  5. It is dangerous to drive and use a mobile phone
  6. Animals should be in the wilderness
  7. People should take driving tests every time they renew their license
  8. Vegetarian diets are not healthy

Education persuasive speech topics

  1. Mental awareness should be taught in school
  2. Is there a right age for children to learn about sex
  3. Disadvantages and advantages of homeschooling
  4. Is grading harmful to the learning of students
  5. Which book should be a necessity for every child to read?
  6. Banning of books from the curriculum
  7. Music and art as a form of instilling knowledge
  8. Free schooling for kids below 7 years
  9. Should high school kids be encouraged to learn on their own?
  10. Effective sex education

Social media persuasive speech topics

  1. Introducing kids to social media
  2. Is it the work of the teacher or parent to caution kids on the use of social media?
  3. How many hours a day should kids be on their screens?
  4. Is the internet a basic need in today’s generation?
  5. Should humans be allowed to inhabit the moon?
  6. What is the best punishment for companies who break the consumer privacy policy?
  7. Do electric cars do more harm than good?
  8. Should drones be used in war?
  9. Should the government ban the use of artificial intelligence?
  10. Should a parent be given the power to change the gene composition of their child?

To wind up

Writing the perfect persuasive speech might not come easy to everyone. Sometimes we are stuck on choosing the perfect persuasive speech topic. We will pick a topic that captures both your attention and that of your audience. We get you the perfect scores in your dissertation papers or even leave a mark in your professional life. The article above is just a sample of free persuasive speech ideas that might interest you and a few tips on how to craft the perfect speech.

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