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Passive Voice in Police Shooting

Passive Voice in Police Shooting

Passive voice is a form of a verb in which the subject is the doer of the action. The object receives the action from the subject to show that the activity was in passive form. William Schneider calls it the “past exonerative” tense to show that one does not admit being involved in a certain activity. The one who performs an action has an assurance that he is involved but fails to concede.

Balko thinks that the use of passive voice to report police shootings is relevant, as it is difficult to get the officer involved in eliminating an individual. The subject that makes the killing is not indicated as it involves non-assigned responsibility (Balko, 2014). I do not agree with Balko in the use of passive voice as the mode used to report the shootings is used to hide the evidence.

The language used to describe shootings is significant as it contains hidden information. In a broad perspective, the language customized has evidence on the criminal offense. A man was shot while an investigation on a crime of stabbing was carried out (Balko, 2014). It is necessary as one is guaranteed to get a correct report if he gets deeper into the matter. The language used is strenuous for people to identify the person involved in the killings.

In the recent world, passive voice is used to alter crime scenes that occur. Therefore, I agree with the points that Balko makes. One happens to be assassinated, but there is not enough evidence of the culprit of the activity. This form does not minimize culpability, as individuals are left without enough evidence of the person involved with the crime.


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Passive Voice in Police Shooting

Discussion prompt for this module should read: Examples are important in writing because they help illustrate the point a writer is trying to make. Use at least one of the readings to explain the importance of using examples when writing.

Passive Voice in Police Shooting

Passive Voice in Police Shooting

Your answer should consist of a well-developed paragraph, which means your first sentence should answer the question(s) (i.e., topic sentence), and the following sentences should support the topic sentence. The paragraph should be unified and coherent with specific supporting details or examples from the story. The sentences should be clear, concise, and arranged in a logical order. Transitions, pronouns, and repetition should be used to provide coherence. The paragraph should follow a definition format.

I have attached one of the module’s required readings, you can search the word “Example” in the document to identify examples.

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