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Organizational Culture Variables Discussion Responses

Organizational Culture Variables Discussion Responses

Responding to Tiffany Anderson

Hello Tiffany,

Great work with your insightful post on critical aspects of Netflix’s organizational culture. As you rightly indicated, most of these traits are designed to empower employees to deliver the best results on their jobs. Task flexibility, open and candid communication, and effective communication throughout the organization are designed to empower employees to exchange information and perform jobs their way (Netflix, 2023). I also agree that the anti-rule philosophy enables employees to explore different solutions to problems so that they can solve them whenever they face them. Besides, keeping only effective people will help Netflix post better results, but as you put it, the tools used to measure effectiveness must be transparent, clear, and fair. I acknowledge the two intrinsic values you recommended that would be useful in the negotiation process. I agree that understanding continuous learning values will help Alice Jones negotiate against her termination since it allows her to learn and improve (Peramatzis & Galanakis, 2022). However, arguing for a work-life balance for a company that wants employees committed 100% to the business may work against her.


Netflix. (2023). Netflix culture — Seeking excellence. Netflix;

Peramatzis, G., & Galanakis, M. (2022). Herzberg’s motivation theory in the workplace. Psychology12(12), 971-978.

Responding to Karen Howe

Hello Karen,

This is a great post. Your discussion shows an in-depth comprehension of Netflix’s organizational culture and negotiation processes. As you have explained, the values presented are meant to empower employees to perform their duties and deliver the best results. Flexibility and independent decision-making by employees help them understand the issues they face as they undergo day-to-day tasks. You went ahead and indicated the significant role played by Patty McCord in revolutionizing Netflix’s culture, with a focus on improving employee flexibility and independent decision-making (McCord, 2014). Alice Jones may use your recommended intrinsic values to successfully negotiate against getting laid off. A successful negotiation process requires one to approach the other party with an offer (Opresnik, 2014). Improved working conditions and humane treatment at the workplace will make employees, including Alice, feel like part of the organization and put more effort into delivering better results.


McCord, P. (2014). How Netflix reinvented HR. Harvard Business Review92(1), 71-76.

Opresnik, M. O. (2014). Hidden rules of successful negotiation and communication. Springer International Publishing.


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Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts and explain whether you agree or disagree with their choice of intrinsic values.

Organizational Culture Variables Discussion Responses

Organizational Culture Variables Discussion Responses

Also, indicate whether you believe they could positively (or negatively) impact the outcome of the negotiation process.

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