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NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection for NURS-FPX4900: Capstone Project for Nursing. My name is Jane Doe.

In this video, I plan to reflect on the following:

My practicum experience,

The development of my capstone project,

My personal and professional growth over the course of the RN-to-BSN program.

First, let me start with the background.

My patient for this capstone project was Mr. Paul, a 65-year-old African-American male diagnosed with type two diabetes mellitus three years ago. Type two diabetes is a health problem that affects many people in the world. As a lifestyle disease, interventions to be implemented should involve all people, including healthcare professionals, family members, and patients. The best intervention to deal with type two diabetes is health education at both the facility level and in homes or families. Continuous education of nurses on how to manage type two diabetes improves the quality of life. Educating patients and family members on self-monitoring and modifying lifestyle factors improve the outcomes and quality of management (Chaghari, Saffari, Ebadi & Ameryoun, 2017). Health education on nutrition, lifestyle modification, and other strategies for managing type two diabetes reduces mortality, morbidity, and the cost of type two diabetes.

The contribution of the intervention to patient or family satisfaction and quality of life

The nurses and the patient positively accepted the intervention of health education. Nurses and the patient agreed that education was the best intervention to deal with type two diabetes. Nurses stated that continuous education twice a week on diabetes would improve their knowledge and skills of managing diabetes. Nurses also stated that continuous education would update them on the latest management techniques and remind them of important aspects to improve the quality of care (Chaghari, Saffari, Ebadi & Ameryoun, 2017). The patient claimed that health education is the best strategy since he will be able to get knowledge on nutrition, medications, and lifestyle modification, enabling him to monitor and manage his condition accordingly (Chaghari, Saffari, Ebadi & Ameryoun, 2017). The patient stated that education would reduce his hospital visits and the cost he spends visiting hospitals. He claimed that education would also allow him to ask questions regarding his condition. The health care professionals and the patient agreed that health education on type two diabetes is the best intervention since it involves all people affected. The intervention was received positively as a solution to the problem.

Health education enhances the patient and nursing experience, which improves the quality of care. Education increases the interaction between the nurse and the patient, which improves the relationship. Effective communication between the nurse and the patient during education is essential (Ogunrinu et al., 2017). There is sharing of ideas and asking questions during education which increases knowledge and skills. Health education increases the knowledge and skills of both the patient and nurses, which improves the outcomes. Patients are also reminded of aspects of self-management, nutrition, and lifestyle modification (Ogunrinu et al., 2017). Health education reminds the patients and the nurses of what they are expected to do hence improving the quality of management (Ogunrinu et al., 2017). The intervention, therefore, increases the skills and knowledge of both nurses and patients on managing diabetes. The intervention also reminds nurses and patients of what they are expected to do to improve outcomes.

NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

Use of evidence and peer-reviewed literature to plan and implement the capstone project

Planning and implementing the project was based on evidence and peer-reviewed literature. Clinical knowledge of type two diabetes, patient concerns and preferences, and research were combined to develop the best intervention to deal with the problem. Clinical judgment on type two diabetes had strong evidence from scholarly and peer-reviewed articles. Opinions, rituals, or customs were avoided to make a judgment regarding type two diabetes. High-quality information was used to make a clinical judgment about type two diabetes and the best strategies for managing the condition.

The principles of evidence-based practice informed the aspect of the project. The health issue or problem was formulated from the clinical area, which also helped formulate the clinical question. Type two diabetes is a common condition in the clinical area that affects the patient, healthcare workers, and family members. After identifying the health problem in the clinical area, relevant research articles were located. The articles were scholarly and peer-reviewed by specialists such as professors in the field of nursing and medicine. Keywords were first formulated based on the clinical problem. The keywords were keyed in the search engines of scholarly websites. To use current data and information, a filter of the past five years was used. Only peer-reviewed articles with a majority of similar words to the search engine were used. The quality of the articles was critically evaluated based on the objectives of the project for them to be used in the project. The research articles were applied to fit the project. There was a reevaluation of the project based on the research articles selected.

NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

The degree to which I successfully leveraged healthcare technology in my capstone project to improve outcomes or communication with the patient, family, or group.

Two healthcare technologies were used in the project. The technologies include self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) and MHealth. Best technologies should reduce healthcare costs, provide information to both patients and nurses and improve the quality of care (Chérrez-Ojeda et al., 2018). The technologies are safe, easy to use, and available in society, and meet legal requirements. The two technologies link patients and nurses in different locations. Hospital visits and admissions are reduced since the technologies ensure the management of patients while in their homes. The technologies reduce medical errors, increase accuracy and ensure continuous evaluation and monitoring of the patient (Chérrez-Ojeda et al., 2018). Therefore the technologies selected addressed the problem based on the current situation in society.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and therefore there is an opportunity to improve the use of MHealth and SMBG in the future. The cases of diabetes are rising, and therefore policies to reduce hospital congestion will encourage the use of the technologies. Increased use of computers, smartphones, and the internet is also an opportunity to use the technologies (Chérrez-Ojeda et al., 2018). The use of the technologies should also be incorporated in the education and training of medical professionals. Research on improving the use of the technologies is also an opportunity.

NURS-FPX 4900 Assessment 5 Intervention Presentation and Capstone Video Reflection

How health policy influenced the planning and implementation of the capstone project and contributions of the project made to policy development

Health policies influenced the planning and implementation of the project. As a baccalaureate-prepared nurse, I should follow the laid down policies and principles in caring for the patient. Therefore, I had to ensure that the project observes health policies and standards. One of the health policies that influenced the project is the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA) of 2005 (Beck et al., 2018). Aspects of the project had ensured patient safety and improve the quality of the care given to patients. Other policies, such as the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid programs, affected the project. The project was to identify ways that ensure all patients access care at a low cost. Policies regarding confidentiality and privacy were considered. Ethical principles were also considered. The project influenced health policies by providing a safe intervention that can be used to solve the problem of diabetes. Health education can be incorporated into health policies to improve patient outcomes.

Whether capstone project outcomes matched my initial predictions

Most of the aspects of the project met my expectations. I expected diabetes to be a problem whose burden is increasing with time. Evidence and data used in the project indicated the increasing burden of diabetes hence meeting my expectations. I also expected to find health technologies that use computers and smartphones, which was met in the project. I was aware of other interventions, such as interdisciplinary collaboration, to deal with the problem of diabetes. I did not expect health education to be the best intervention for managing diabetes. However, contrary to my expectations, the project identified health education as the best intervention. The intervention of health education will be adopted as the best practice because it increases the skills of knowledge of both nurses and patients. The intervention encourages nurse-patient interaction and reminds nurses and patients of what they are expected to do to improve outcomes. Education in other settings improves the staffs’ skills and knowledge. It can also be used to cover the nursing shortage in different departments.

Personal and Professional growth throughout the capstone project and the RN-to-BSN program

The project and the RN-to-BSN program have improved my knowledge and skills in managing patients. Through the project, I have been able to identify evidence-based practices and the best strategies to deal with type two diabetes. The project and the program have also helped me observe nursing standards and ethics and always practice within the required scope. The program and the project have developed my skills and experience. Interaction with the patient in the project enabled me to identify the best ways of communicating for better outcomes. Through the project and the program, I learned the main objective of nurses should be to provide acceptable, safe, and high-quality care to patients.


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Skaggs, M. K. D., Daniels, J. F., Hodge, A. J., & DeCamp, V. L. (2018). Using the evidence-based practice service nursing bundle to increase patient satisfaction. Journal of emergency nursing44(1), 37-45.


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Present your approved intervention to the patient, family, or group and record a 10-15 minute video reflection on
your practicum experience, the development of your capstone project, and your personal and professional growth
over the course of your RN-to-BSN program. Document the time spent (your practicum hours) with these individuals
or groups in the Core Elms Volunteer Experience Form.

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