NR-447 – RN Collaborative Healthcare Free Samples

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This RN-BSN students course option is purposed to broaden the nursing practice scope. The chosen managerial experiential studying activities are given to RN-BSN option learners and the course concentrates on the professional nurse management and leadership aspects. The focus is on a nurse’s role in giving nursing care through the healthcare facility.

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  1. NR 447 Week 1 Discussion – The Changing Aspects of Healthcare Free Sample
  2. NR 447 Week 2 Discussion – AACN Essentials Self-Assessment & Patient-centered Care Free Sample
  3. NR 447 Week 3 Assignment – Conflict Resolution Paper Free Sample
  4. NR 447 Week 3 Discussion – Conflict and Collaboration Free Sample
  5. NR 447 Week 4 Discussion – Transformational Nursing Leaders Free Sample
  6. NR 447 Week 5 Assignment – Nursing Care Models Worksheet Free Sample
  7. NR 447 Week 5 Discussion – Patient Outcomes Free Sample
  8. NR 447 Week 6 Assignment – Leadership Action Plan PowerPoint Free Sample
  9. NR 447 Week 6 Discussion – Civility in the Workplace Free Sample
  10. NR 447 Week 7 Discussion – Our Future Leaders Free Sample
  11. NR 447 Week 8 Discussion – Closing the Loop-Free Sample