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New Business Realities Course Reflection

New Business Realities Course Reflection

There has been a lot to learn from the beginning of the course. This course has mainly focused on understanding organizational strategy and design in the context of the very adaptive 21st-century business environment. I have been able to develop my knowledge and put things that I have witnessed or personally experienced when interacting with organizations. Most importantly, this course has helped me develop knowledge that I can use to enhance my performance in a career in management. The following are some key concepts I have learned throughout the course.

Based on the numerous definitions and discussions of various kinds of structures, I understand that an organization’s structure is like the backbone of the business. The strategy holds the business together and helps its management achieve the strategic goals and objectives. The structure determines how stakeholders within the business interact and their roles and responsibilities (Galbraith, 2002). Generally, a structure is the general arrangement of authority in an organization, the communication and decision-making systems, and the roles and responsibilities of people in various positions.

Based on the understanding of an organizational structure, it has become easier to understand how different kinds contribute to achieving various strategies. This course also got me reflecting on some of the structures applied in the largest global companies and how they contribute to the businesses’ strategies. For instance, a company like Apple, Inc. has a functional structure in that it is divided into various functional departments that perform various roles. These departments help the business to develop premium technology products that are its main source of income. A business like Unilever has a matrix structure with regional and functional divisions because of its extensive ventures in almost all regions worldwide.

Most importantly, this course has helped me comprehend business structures in the 21st-century business environment. Numerous significant changes have taken place in business throughout history. For instance, technological innovations are now playing a significant role in the success of contemporary businesses, organizational and individual knowledge is becoming increasingly important, new communications are necessary, and businesses are facing the need to always engage in transformational change. As a result, organizational structures have to take into consideration their level of adaptability to remain competitive.

This course has taught me that having a structure that applies more of the concepts of the organic paradigm rather than the mechanistic paradigm is important for developing an adaptive organization. A mechanistic organization depends on strict rules and guidelines to run the operations of the organization. This type of organization often has the top authority to make a hierarchical leadership structure and decisions. In comparison, the organic structure is more flexible with a flat decision-making structure and self-governing systems. Transformational change is one of the new business realities of the 21st century. Businesses need to always be changing to remain productive and profitable. The organic structure creates the avenues for such transformation. Generally, this course has been very informative. It helps to understand how one must structure their organization to survive in the current global business environment. This knowledge is helpful for employees and those who run businesses as it helps to know how to achieve and maintain success.


Galbraith, J. R. (2002). Designing organizations: Strategy, Structure and process and the business unit and enterprise levels.


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New Business Realities Course Reflection

New Business Realities Course Reflection

New Business Realities Course Reflection

Course Reflection

Reflect on what you have learned in the course. Explain what organization design means to you at this point in the course and how your ideas have developed from the beginning of the course.

Essay should be no less than 2 pages.

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