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Netflix Organizational Culture

Netflix Organizational Culture

According to Netflix (2023), one of the core values of the HR management culture at Netflix is high effectiveness. The company only recruits the most effective employees to gain a competitive edge by keeping a workforce that can help it achieve its objectives. Netflix’s culture also encourages the exchange of open information between employees and management. Open communication helps improve processes and overall output, including the company’s core business segment of content production. Another core component of Netflix’s culture is open communication. Candid and direct communication reduces the chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding while communicating. Also, employee autonomy in decision-making is core to Netflix’s culture. The culture helps employees develop ideas and solutions to the business as they encounter problems. Finally, Netflix’s anti-rule philosophy eliminates the control of employees, giving them a free hand in exploring strategies to improve business and adapt to the ever-changing entertainment and streaming industry. I agree that Netflix’s values support a highly effective workforce.

I also agree that Netflix’s HR management values will foster positive growth. The entertainment and streaming giant’s employee responsibility and freedom tradition encourages a culture where work-life balance matters to employees, managers, and executive leadership. Also, managers allow employees to be creative and generate solutions to business problems. Autonomy and freedom starkly contrast traditional HR practices characterized by rigid schedules that negatively impact employee performance.

Additional Intrinsic Values

According to Herzberg (2015), one of the intrinsic values that may improve job satisfaction is to present opportunities for job advancement. Different criteria may be used to promote employees, including working duration and job performance. Also, the company should present opportunities for skill development and growth. Personal growth is core to Maslow’s self-actualization, and once the company adopts the culture, employee performance will improve.


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prompt: For your final project, you are helping prepare Sharon Slade, the chief human resources officer of Netflix, for a serious performance discussion with Alice Jones, who may be at risk of being terminated. One key component of your preparation is evaluating the organizational culture at Netflix and assisting Sharon Slade in demonstrating the skills that will help get the negotiation process off to a good start. She can accomplish this by taking into account the hygiene factors and intrinsic motivators as discussed in the Herzberg video clips (located in the Module Three Readings and Resources folder).

Netflix Organizational Culture

Netflix Organizational Culture

One description of the espoused Netflix organizational culture from Netflix Culture – Seeking Excellence is “We believe a company’s actual values are shown by whom they hire, reward, or let go.”

For this discussion post, craft a response that addresses the following question:

Consider the aspects of the Netflix culture, which are listed below:

Encourage decision-making by employees

Share information openly, broadly, and deliberately

Communicate candidly and directly

Keep only our highly effective people

Avoid rules

Indicate whether or not you agree with the values, explaining why or why not. Add two intrinsic values that you believe would improve Netflix’s organizational culture. Provide reasons that justify your choice.

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