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MBA Reflection

MBA Reflection

I am not sure whether I want to sigh with relief or give in to the nagging tag of slight sadness. There is always some sorrow that comes when a good thing comes to an end. It is more exciting to go after one’s dream than it is actually to achieve it. It leaves a vacuum that begs to be filled. What will be my next big conquest? Will I enjoy my new status as an MBA holder, or will the title have little effect on the way I interact with people socially, career-wise, etc.? I will utilize the knowledge, experience, and insights I have gained throughout the course, but will it change how I perceive myself; as a now more educated individual? My prayer is that I remain focused on the fact that it is not my degree that wills open doors for me but rather the favor of God that will be and is on me. It is easy to get into anyone’s head that academic credentials are an entitlement to a better life, while, in essence, they are only a tool that the Lord uses to extend His work here on earth. I remember when I wanted to start on my MBA journey; I asked as Caleb did in the book of Joshua 14:12 KJV Now therefore give me this mountain, whereof the Lord spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day how the Anakims were there, and that the cities were great and fenced: if so be the Lord will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the Lord said.” The Lord has been faithful to give me this mountain, and it is now time to cultivate it, grow others, impact lives, and propagate the kingdom principles in working with the elderly. The Walk Group project, which is my MBA project, is one way that I will cultivate this mountain, and by the grace of God, I will impact the older generation and other generations as well.


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Discussion Prompt: Check-In

MBA Reflection

This is the final Check-In for your MBA.

MBA Reflection

MBA Reflection

You know by now that this is the forum for you to interact with each other and share personal and professional, authentic, genuine, open and honest issues. Transitions are difficult because they require we let go of something and adopt a new understanding. Transitioning from MBA student to MBA holder is a transition of great significance. Share what is on your heart, share what God is doing for you, share the doors that He is opening for you, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and in any other way that seems right.

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