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Maury High School LAN Network Plan And Budget

Maury High School LAN Network Plan And Budget

The Local Area Network in an organization provides a channel of communication and resource sharing such as the internet, database, and application system.  Maury High School wants to install a LAN network to cover all the offices, computer labs, and classrooms in their two-floor building. The network should be designed to ensure all the user and office locations are connected before purchasing the equipment. There are several devices that are used in a network connection setup such as connection cables,  wall tranks, switches, routers, firewalls, servers, and patch cables among others. The network has to be designed to accommodate the maximum number of users such as school employees and students on the school premises.

Network design

The design of the LAN network will ensure that both floors in the building and all the users are entirely covered by the network. The network will get internet from an external internet service provider and then filtered and distributed across the network.  The network will have a single router to route the received data and data being sent to the wide area network.  A firewall will also be used to filter data that enters or leaves the school’s local area network.  There will be two core switches for both floors and others to connect to end users in offices, classes, and labs. The network will also have wireless routers to serve other users using laptops and mobile phones. The design of the LAN network is shown below.

Figure 1: Network Design

wiring of the building

            Wiring of the network will involve laying down the cables in the trunk and connecting all the connection points. All workstations such as offices, study areas, labs, and other public areas will be connected using cables to connect to the devices. More cables will be used to connect to the two school building floors as there are almost 300 users.  The Mohawk LAN-Track Outside Plant Cable, five pieces of 1000ft each will be used. The cost of purchase will be $ 210 on Amazon. The CAT6 LAN cable will be recommended for the network. CAT6 can transfer data for long distances and is more durable. The networking of the school premises will use about four rolls of CAT6

An RJ45 patch cable and keystone modules will also be purchased. Every connection point will have an RJ45 and keystone module to connect to a patch cable. The cable will cost $5 (2018, ”Amazon”). Seven hundred patch cables will be needed for the network.



A router plays an important role in routing packet data to the network and outside the network. The school will use a single router in the school to connect to the LAN network with the ISP. GIGABIT DUAL-WAN VPN ROUTER SAFESTREAM 2 GIGA WAN 2 GIGABIT LAN being a reliable router and it easy to install and configure will be used. The router has a few ports that can connect to the core switch, ISP, and server.

Wireless routers

Wireless routers will be used on both floors to connect users with mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The wireless routers should be able to serve many users and have a quick speed.  Two wireless routers will be installed for use on both floors.  The recommended wireless router is an Asus Ac2900 Dual-Band WRLS router with a 4-Port Gigabit LAN. This wireless router is powerful and can accommodate a high number of users.  The cost for the wireless router is $169 (“”,2018).


The switch is an important device that is used to switch forwarding and receiving data from the destination point to the end user. The network will use eight switches to connect to the maximum number of users.  NETGEAR 48-Port Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Smart Managed Pro Switch with 4 SFP Ports | 380W | ProSAFE and lifetime technical chat support (GS752TP), will be the best for the school. Forty-eight port switches will be used to serve the maximum number of users. The approximate price for each is $500 each.


The server will be used to store information and to provide other essential services such as print server and web hosting. The server will be configured to ensure there is proper sharing of resources in the network.


The firewall will provide information security by filtering data packets and allowing specific IP addresses to access the network.  The Cisco ASA5506-K9= Network Security Firewall Appliance will be the best for the school. The firewall is manageable making it easier to configure and maintain. The firewall has eight ports that can be connected to the core switches, server, and connection from the internet service providers (ISP). The cost for the device is $374 (“Cisco Firewall,” 2018)

 Secure connection

The security of transmitted information is highly important for the school. The LAN network must ensure that all the information is restricted to authorized personnel only. The network will be connected to the firewall that filters information that enters and leaves the school. The network administrator can configure the router.  The router will be configured to block unsecured sites.

The network devices such as routers and switches will be configured for all specific users accessing the network resources. Students and guest users should not be able to access files. The network will be configured to have a VLAN connection where users on the same level can access resources equally.

The school network will also be installed in secure places. All cables will be laid in the trunking. Devices such as switches, routers, and firewalls must be in the secure room in cabins to give physical security to the network system.


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Cisco Firewall. (n.d.). Retrieved from–  firewall/f6u87ta3gvh28on


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Design a wired network for Maury High School. Your plan must include two live network outlets for each classroom and office and a secured Internet connection that the whole school will share running at least 1Mbps (symmetric). The school will not have any Internet-facing servers.

Maury High School LAN Network Plan And Budget

Maury High School LAN Network Plan And Budget

You are encouraged to discuss the project with up to two other people in the class; however, you must hand in your own version of each part of the project. Each part of the project will be graded on a “must work” basis: if the particular design works you will get full credit for that part, but if a part does not work or you do not hand it in on time you will get a zero for that part. All parts must be handed in on or before the last regular class day for grading, meaning you may hand in parts earlier for feedback and grading regarding whether or not they will work.
Submit the following:
1. (25 points) A plan and budget for the wiring of the building that includes a list of the cable run to all rooms and between the equipment room and the telecomm closets, along with an estimate of the total amount of cabling needed. Your budget should include the total cost of cabling, costs of outlets in the classrooms/offices, patch panels in the equipment room, and telecomm closets. Indicate the sources of your pricing information. Indicate on the floor plan where the equipment room and telecomm closets will be. You have permission to use up to four of the small offices (shown on the floor plan with no furniture). You will have to determine the scale of the floor plan yourself, assuming that Maury is 95 meters wide (do not ask to go into the building). The floor plan you have been given does not match the current floor plan of Maury.
2. (15 points) A plan and budget of where and what equipment is needed to support an ethernet network that connects all of the rooms in Maury High School, including switches and patch cables. The total number of Ethernet ports purchased must be at least 10% more than the total number of outlets. Indicate what equipment is to be installed in each equipment room and telecomm closet. Indicate the sources of your pricing information.
3. (10 points) A plan and budget for securely connecting Maury to the Internet. Your plan should include all of the necessary equipment and services, including a router, firewall, and any other devices that will secure their network and support 200-300 users. Indicate the sources of your pricing information.

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