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Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

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Management is described as the process of meeting objectives by the coordination of specific tasks effectively in an organization; this is done via the organizational actions of managers (Stojkovic, 2003). Leadership is a role of inspiration in a corporate setting or at any level. Leaders tend to inspire people around them to achieve their goals. Management influences professionals because it invokes a means to achieve an objective. Through leadership, professionals in the criminal justice system are driven to accomplish their dreams and tasks efficiently and effectively because they are inspired. I would want to work at FEMA as an Emergency Management Specialist because what motivates me is how FEMA helps American residents recover the deadly and damaging natural disasters and provides emergency aid to the victims of such disasters.

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Stojkovic, S., & Farkas, M. A. (2003). Correctional Leadership: A Cultural Perspective. Thomson/Wadsworth.


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Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection

Please respond to the following:

Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

  • Stojkovic, our textbook author, identifies management and leadership as processes. Research and report on the differences between management and leadership for this discussion. How do these differences influence professionals in criminal justice organizations?
  • Determine what you want to do with your degree: where you want to work (Homeland Security, FEMA specific), what you want to do, and what motivated you to choose that job and place to work.

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