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Literary Response for Setting as a Device

Literary Response for Setting as a Device

When the notion of a rainstorm comes to mind, it is without a doubt associated with the potent portrayal and symbolic implication of melancholy or the renewal of melancholy. In Kate Chopin’s The Storm, when the clouds of rain gather and the cabin darkens from the dark clouds, it symbolizes darkness, a desire, and a secret that would best stay hidden. With this in mind, it suffices to maintain that the mood and the setting of the story play a key role in bringing to light the notion of hidden passions and memories that would jeopardize the unity of families should they have come to light.

Foremost, it is crucial to point out that the story happens in a laidback town in Louisiana, as it is where all the characters in this story live. The setting is in a married woman’s house, Calixta. It is where the depiction of The Storm occurs and generates the plot of the story. However, in this case, for the storm to manifest, an actual rainstorm occurs and keeps Calixta’s husband and their son at bay, while a symbolic storm happens at his own house. In Bobinot’s house, another man takes his place, goes to his private room, and has a sexual affair with his wife.

Besides, the events in this house involve a situation whereby a storm catches Alcee outside, and he happens to be near his past lover’s home. In this case, there is a lightning strike that scares Calixta stiff, and she involuntarily finds herself in the grips of her former lover, who is standing next to her. The fiery stormy weather ignites a storm in them that seems to have been brewing for a long time and only came to light when the rainstorm gathered outside. It explains why these events seem to be egged on by nature because the storm keeps them alone from outside interference. According to Chopin (1969), the bedroom has “…a white monumental bed” and appears “…dim mysterious.” These qualities serve to show that the weather and bedroom settings are inviting for the forbidden storm and passion for blooming, intensifying, and fading away with the actual storm outside.

Furthermore, the mood in this setting sets the story’s progress because, when Alcee comes to the house, it is stifling hot, while outside, the rains are beating hard. The intensifying rains also play a key role in escalating the passionate and hidden desires that come to the light of day, encouraged by their being alone together. The setting of these events is that one potent thing that stands out is that the storm happens when a vital scene is sexualized, keeping Calixta and Alcee confined alone in the house, all the while Bobinot is outside. When the storm subsides, the two former lovers, having quelled their sexual storm, go their separate ways.

Lastly, the mood of the setting sets the pace of the story because “Alcee enters Calixta’s house amidst nutrient rain and warmth, a foreshadowing of his sexual entrance to come” (Baker, 1994). The instance before Alcee lays his hand on Calixta, the room gets hotter, and Calixta’s physical allure and beauty enchants Alcee. The mood is further exacerbated by the fact that Alcee is keenly aware of her firm, tender breasts, and moist and red lips as pomegranate. The soft rains help keep the event more seductive, and the dimly lit room increases the desire to fall asleep in a warm companionship, but as the affair is illegal, they dare not, lest they get caught.

In sum, it is clear that the mood of the setting and the place of the setting bolstered the possibility of bringing to light the notion of hidden passions and memories that would jeopardize the unity of families should they have come to light. It also implies that the illicit affair and sexual passion between the former lovers would cease just like a passing storm that happened in actual form without the house. Consequently, it suffices to assert that The Storm essentially employs the setting and the mood to advance the message in the story by the author.


Baker, C. (1994). Chopin’s the Storm. The explicator52(4), 225-226.

Chopin, K. (1969). The Storm [Ebook] (pp. 1-3). Retrieved 16 July 2021, from


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Literary Response for Setting as a Device

Essay ENG 130: Literary Response for Setting

This assignment focuses on your ability to: learn how to interpret the literary device of setting and how it affects the character of the story/poem.

Literary Response for Setting as a Device

Literary Response for Setting as a Device

The purpose of completing this assignment is: as a student, in your career, and individual lives, you will often need to look beyond the plot and summary of what you are reading and put a different spin on it. An example of this might be interpreting data and the varying components of how that data was created, as well as what to do with the data as you move forward.

Prompt (What are you writing about):

Choose one of the readings from this unit and in a well-crafted 2-page essay, respond to the following prompt:

Choose one of the stories/poems in Units One or Two. Analyze the setting place and setting mood and how this setting and mood shape the story?

Instructions (how to get it done):

  • Read through all of the instructions of this
  • Read all of the unit 1 and 2
  • Select one of stories or poems to write
  • Your audience for this essay is people who have read the stories/poems.
  • Use text examples to support your
  • Your essay will have the following components:
    • A title page
    • An Introduction
    • A thesis at the end of the introduction that clearly states how setting shapes the story.
    • At least two supporting sections that defend your thesis/focus of the essay
    • Text support with properly cited in-text citations
    • A concluding paragraph
    • A reference page with the short story citation


  • Length and format: At least 2
  • The title page and reference page are also required, but they should not be factored into the 2-page length of the
  • The paper should be double spaced with 1-inch margins. Choice of fonts: 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial,12-point Times New Roman. Essay should conform to APA formatting and citation
  • Use the third-person, objective voice, avoiding personal pronouns such as “I,” “you,” “we,”
  • Please use the short story sources and any outside sources you need to create a properly formatted APA reference
  • Use APA format for in-text citations and references when using outside sources and textual
  • Skills to be assessed with this assignment: creating effective thesis statements, incorporating text, responding to
  • Please be cautious about plagiarism. Make sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes, paraphrases, and new information.

Mini lesson on thesis statements:

  • Questions to ask yourself:
    • What is the setting of my chosen story? What is the place? What is the mood created by the author? How do the place and mood affect the story for the reader?
    • For example, it is apparent that in Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” you would devote a supporting section to the  locations of his poem and a supporting section to the  mood he  creates  through the
  • Translate that into a thesis:
    • After you have made connections to these two areas of setting you will then form your
    • Here is a example template for your You are welcome to use this template for your essay:
      • In Walt Whitman’s poem “I Hear America Singing”, it is apparent that the setting place and location shape the poem through the obvious American workers’ locations  and  the tone of triumph and

Rubric for Setting Literary Response

Does Not Meet Expectations


Below Expectations


Needs Improvement





Meets Expectations


Thesis Statement Thesis statement is not present. Thesis is unclear and loosely related to the paper or not present. Thesis does not appear in the introductory paragraph. Thesis is attempted with little relation to the overall topic.

Argument is somewhat unclear or confusing. Some supporting points are missing. Thesis may not appear in the introductory


Thesis is present and relates to the majority of the paper. Argument takes a mostly clear position and is explained in adequate detail. Thesis appears in the introductory


Thesis is organized and focused on the paper. Argument takes a clear position and is explained in full detail. Thesis appears in the introductory paragraph.
Persuasiveness Fails to develop arguments. Some argument(s) are developed, but may be missing one or need further


Develops most argument(s). Satisfactorily develops arguments. Expertly and fully develops argument(s).
Evidence and Support Does not include text support and/or text support is not cited. Very little evidence is given and used in the essay properly. Evidence may not relate to the thesis statement. Evidence is cited but not with the proper


Some evidence is used from the story and/or is somewhat related to the thesis statement. Evidence may or may not always cited properly. Evidence from the story is mostly tied to the thesis statement and used properly and is cited properly. Evidence from the story is used effectively and cited properly.


APA format is not followed. Errors in four areas of APA format and style. Errors in three areas of APA format and style. Errors in two areas of APA format and style. No errors in APA format and style.
Grammar and Mechanics Grammar and mechanics’ errors make the essay incomprehensible. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics errors occur throughout document. Word choices are seldom academic.

Sentence structure may be illogical or unclear.

Several errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and mechanics present. Word choice reveals some understanding of academic language requirements.

Many sentence structure issues


Some spelling, grammar, punctuation and mechanical errors are evident.

Academic language is upheld. The sentence structure is often logical and clear so that relationships among ideas are


Free of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and other mechanical errors. Consistent use of academic word choices. Sentence structure is mostly logical and clear.

*A zero can bee earned if the above criteria are not met.

*Plagiarism will result in a zero.

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