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Learning Organization Elements

Learning Organization Elements

Prioritizing learning is an important responsibility for all organizations. Successful organizations make learning a part of their strategy (Popper & Lipshitz, 2000). Learning is a process that has to be incorporated into an organization’s culture and not just planned as an event (Braham, 1995). Nonetheless, some elements are needed in an organization to develop and maintain a learning culture.

After filling out the organization learning checklist, I have learned that my current organization has made significant efforts to make learning a part of the organization’s culture. However, the organization still needs significant changes to further develop the learning culture. For instance, the organization promotes mentoring relationships to enhance learning. Junior employees always have a good relationship with the senior employees, who know more about their jobs. The organization encourages supervisors to teach junior employees whenever they can. The organization also demonstrates a learning culture by treating mistakes as learning opportunities. When employees make mistakes, the organization does not get too fixated on the punishment for the mistake. Instead, the employee is corrected to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

The main change needed at the organization is integrating learning into all that is done at the organization. The organization values learning, but it has yet to make it a part of everything the employees do. For instance, it would greatly benefit the organization to openly encourage the employees to always learn as they work or interact with each other. This will ensure that the organization is always changing for the better.


Braham, B. (1995). Creating a learning organization promoting excellence through education. Crisp Learning.

Popper, M., & Lipshitz, R. (2000). Organizational learning: Mechanisms, culture, and feasibility. Management Learning, 31(2), 181-196.


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Learning Organization Elements

For this discussion:

  • Review the reading, Part 1, “Why Become a Learning Organization?,” from Creating a Learning Organization: Promoting Excellence Through Education. Complete the checklist, “Learning Organization Checklist,” on page 3.

    Learning Organization Elements

    Learning Organization Elements

  • Post your comments about examples, or lack of examples, in your organization of the learning organization characteristics indicated in the checklist.

Response Guidelines

After your initial posting, review the posts of your peers. Respond to at least one of your peers’ postings, discussing the similarities and differences between your examples, or lack of examples, and your peer’s.

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