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Leadership and Risk at Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Case Discussion

Leadership and Risk at Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Case Discussion

Stakeholders to Consider When Communicating a Decision

Consultation is vital to keep stakeholders in tandem with organizational objectives. To ensure stakeholders are involved, there is a need to formulate long-term productive relationships. The end goal of consulting is to create mutual trust and benefits for all parties involved (Milano, 2019). Sponsors are some of the most critical stakeholders that deserve communication in the SWIM case. These sponsors play a crucial role in enabling the organization to perform its functions (Mori, 2009). As stated in the case, SWIM has kept close contact with its potential sponsors to gauge their interest in sponsoring them for the upcoming season. Also, the entire leadership team should be informed about critical decisions in the organization (Mori, 2009). Key leaders at SWIM include the president, vice president, CMO, COO, CFO, and event directors. The individuals who occupy these positions perform core functions, hence the need to be informed about key decisions at the organization.

Key Drivers Influencing Decision-Making

One of the key drivers of decisions at SWIM is financial availability. Money plays a critical role in informing leader-driven organizational decision-making (Obioma Ejimabo, 2015). From the case, it is evident that SWIM requires significant monetary resources to undertake its many operations, including furniture rentals, catering facilities, lightning, and public address systems. Also, social and cultural influences will drive the decisions made by SWIM leadership. Notably, the organization is made up of participants from different social settings. People from different social settings prefer different decision-making styles. For instance, in Japanese culture, a decision is made after forming a consensus with others. In the case of SWIM, members come from different social settings. It will be incumbent upon the leaders to derive an effective decision-making strategy to fulfill members’ needs.


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The case studies adopted in this course highlight the decision-making process in a business setting that will require you to conduct a thorough analysis of each case. You will be required to address the following areas in depth, using the “Ashford University Writing Center Guidelines for Writing a Case Study Analysis” provided in the course materials area.

Leadership and Risk at Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Case Discussion

Leadership and Risk at Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Case Discussion

– Identify the key problems in the case
– Why do they exist?
– How do the problems impact the organization?
– Who is responsible for the problems?
– What is the best solution for the problems?

We will use our weekly discussions to explore your experience with the case analysis process to ensure it is working well for you and to garner both peer and instructor support for your Capstone project.

For this discussion, make an initial post that addresses the following questions:

1. Who are the stakeholders to consider when making a communicating decision in this case?
2. What are the key drivers or issues on which to base your decisions?

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