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Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice

Sample Answer 

Juvenile Justice

One ethical concern associated with trying a juvenile as an adult is the possible creation of a new generation of cynical juveniles who would become adult criminals committing more serious crimes. Equivalently in modern communities, more young individuals engage in more dangerous acts. For instance, juvenile courts are always focusing on rehabilitation, but in adult prisons, offenders are subjected to incarceration and harsher sentences. If this trend continues, the recidivism rate will rise. The other concern is mixing cynical adult offenders with first-time felon juveniles in incarceration, and the latter encounter horrifying outrages in adult prisons; this is self-defeating and self-destructive.

I concur with the decision of the Supreme Court. Mr. Bailey admitted to his horrible action and that he developed more of his insight and consciousness while in incarceration. According to Rovner, a study on the brain development of adolescents confirms that children and adults are different in critical ways that identify criminal sentences that are age-appropriate.


Miller, R. N., & Applegate, B. K. (2015). Adult crime, adult time? Benchmarking public views on punishing serious juvenile felons. Criminal Justice Review40(2), 151-168.


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Juvenile Justice

Please respond to the following:

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice

  • According to the textbook, many model countries, including the United States, allow juveniles of a certain age to be tried as adults. Examine at least two (2) ethical issues with this trend. Specify the extent to which you believe a juvenile can be rehabilitated after he or she has been convicted as an adult. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • From the e-Activity, take a position that you agree or disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision to ban mandatory life sentences without parole for juvenile offenders of convicted murder. Justify your response.


Go to the New York Times Website and read the article titled “Juvenile Killers and Life Terms: a Case in Point”, dated October 13, 2012, located at Be prepared to discuss.

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