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Brand Success and Failure

Brand Success and Failure

The Apple iPod is a product that has resonated extremely well with the public. It is indeed one of the most used products on the planet today. The Apple iPod was launched in October of 2001, when the United States of America suffered greatly due to the September 11 terrorist attacks. However, the iPod was well accepted even during these circumstances. One of the major contributing factors to the success of the iPod was the boom in the MP3 player market. (HubPages [HP], 2011) In April 2007, Apple announced it had sold 100 million iPods and made millions more through its music portal iTunes. Despite the various economic climates experienced throughout the last few years, the Apple iPod has weathered every storm. (Pitta & Prevel Katsanis, 1995) The music industry, Apple’s music portal iTunes, and the concept and technology of the MP3 player contributed greatly to the success of the Apple iPod. One of the greatest contributing factors to the success of the Apple iPod is the evolution of a cultural consciousness rooted in the symbolism of modern music. As that cultural consciousness continues to grow, so does the need to carry music everywhere, at all times, hence the creation of the Apple iPod.

American Express Traveler’s Checks is one of the many failed products that come to mind. American Express Traveler’s checks had their day of success; at that time, many travellers needed the peace and security of knowing that their money was safe and could access it anytime. This concept was successful because American Express guaranteed many customers to convert traveller checks into a local currency where ever the customer travels. But with the introduction of the ATM and the availability of e-mail, American Express Traveler’s checks lost their footing. (BlogSpot, 2011) Because of the electronic revolution, for example, why transfer, e-mail, and ATMs, American Express Traveler’s checks are no longer necessary; therefore, I consider it a failed product/brand. (Reed, 2010)


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Brand Success and Failure

Brand Success and Failure

Describe what marketing is with a successful story of marketing or with a failed story of marketing.

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