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Journal Entry – Remixing Reflection

Journal Entry – Remixing Reflection

In the last module, I learned a lot of information about drafting an argument essay. I learned how to draft a thesis statement and create a position in an argument essay. Accordingly, I employed these strategies in my Argument essay by concluding my introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that emphasized my position on the Argument essay topic; I want to remember these aspects for this module. I will apply several study habits and writing practices for success in this unit. First, I will apply brainstorming to come up with several ideas on how to address a topic and how to approach the topic. Second, I will keep an open mind while drafting, revising, reorganizing, and proofreading my writing to clear my work of grammatical errors and ensure an easy flow from the unity and coherence of paragraphs.

For the remix to my Argument essay, I have a couple of ideas. Firstly, I can use a PowerPoint presentation as the Argument essay remix. I will use Microsoft PowerPoint for the presentation to remix my essay using brief pointers and elaborative speaker notes with pictures that add to my argument. The essay will be presented differently as a PowerPoint. Secondly, I can use brochures as the Argument essay remix. In a brochure, details of the argument essay can be presented in an informative way as summaries with images that relate to a topic, thus presenting the argument essay differently. While creating a brochure, I will use the website to create a brochure. Thirdly, I can remix the argument essay into an audio recording using the Adobe Audition tool. This tool will help me present my argument in a new way as a performance that an audience can listen to.

Challenges are inevitable while remixing my Argument essay. Challenges I might encounter include reorganizing the ideas on my topic and presenting them differently. Remixing involves presenting previous ideas differently, and therefore, reorganizing ideas and presentation of ideas is important. Consistently, the challenge of reorganizing is a setback I will face and have to overcome. Another challenge is composing and editing. While remixing, I will present my argument essay differently, and I will need to compose the remix and edit it as needed. Composing is essential while remixing to present my essay differently in whatever form I prefer, such as a PowerPoint presentation, brochure, or audio recording. Editing is a necessary step after composing to present a comprehensible piece of an essay remix.

In creating my remix, I will utilize skills such as the writing skills that I have gathered during this unit. Next, I will use engagement to clearly present an Argument essay remix to readers or audience in a way that engages them. Accordingly, remixing will come in handy in presenting my ideas on a topic differently. The different remix ideas that can be applied will provide several platforms for the presentation of a remix of an essay. Consistently, writing skills and other strategies acquired and still to be acquired will be important in my essay remix.


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Journal Entry - Remixing Reflection

Journal Entry – Remixing Reflection

Write a 3-4 paragraph (approximately 250-500 words) journal entry in which you reflect on your work in the previous module and set your goals for this module. To do this:
Identify what you learned in the last module that you want to remember for this one.
Identify what strategies, study habits, writing practices, or other methods you need to modify to help you succeed in this unit.
Brainstorm up to three (3) possible ideas for your Remix. Identify the following for each possible choice:
What technology (software, tool, website, etc.) you will use?
Why each choice could help to present your argument in a new way and/or to a different audience.
What challenges you will face in remixing your Argument Essay?
What skills do you already possess that you will use in creating your Remix?

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