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Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

My internship experience was focused on Quality Commissioning Engineer in Kinkisharyo International LLC. The main duties are to identify, troubleshoot and resolve the issues on the Light Rail Vehicle of LA Metro. I am also a liaison between LA metro and my management, passing any information as the personnel on site. Since this is my first job after graduation, I have had the opportunity to learn the various career possibilities in an organization. Intracting with various departments within my company such as the software department, manufacturing and production department and also interacting with the multiple divisions of metro has broadened my knowledge on various careers.

One of the learning outcomes withing the course is to “Combine classroom knowledge with an opportunity to learn those disciplines, skills and attitudes which can best be learned on the job; such as: self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative”. The MBA program has provided an opportunity to leverage content through courses to help with our professional career.

My current course BUS530- Managing Information Systems and Technology ahs provided me with in depth knowledge of the information system. This course discusses topics such as information systems security and vulnerabilities, ethics and managerial decisions and e- commerce along with providing examples to better understand the concepts. I have not had the opportunity to use my knowledge of this course directly in my work since I am in a different field. However, now I do have a better understanding of how and why technology is useful in collecting data, analysing and assist us in making decisions. During this course, we have had to read multiple research papers and group presentation along with other students. The research papers focused on the practical of the topics and the presentation helped me improve my research, communication and collaboration skills.

Success and challenges

The contents covered in this internship course have helped me in my personal and professional growth. Topics such as journaling have improved my time management skills and helped me prioritize my work.

As stated by Katherine Murphy (2002), “Keeping a work journal can be useful in exploring one’s thoughts and feelings about work challenges and work decisions”. Journaling can help can individual focus better, log ideas and write about their future goals and ways to achieve them rather than being stuck in a daily routine.

Due to the nature of my work, I do keep a list of thigs that I have completed during the day and also list any issues that I need to focus on the following day. I use a lot of sticky notes on my work desktop to help me keep track of various other things involved. Maintain a work journal has made this task much simpler and more organized. I am able to keep track of my tasks in a more efficient and effective way.

One section of my journal I prefer to follow was described by Jawaad (2017). This section is to plan for any unplanned tasks. This technique is beneficial in avoiding panic or anxiety when situations change at the last minute. Another concept of journaling is to manage emotion. Every individual has experienced this before- starting the day with poor sleep or dealing with an unpleasant coworker which could affect the entire day. A journal would help one keep these emotions in check and focus more on the tasks a hand to accomplish within the day. Maintain a work journal has helped me reduced stress physically and mentally.

Another content taught in the class was creating a portfolio. I have always thought that portfolio was used by architecture and graphic design field and never realized how beneficial a portfolio can be to my field as well. This course provided very good insights about creating a portfolio- discussing the different components of a portfolio and a breakdown of creating a good portfolio. A portfolio does not just focus on education and experience but also on our leisure activities such as community service or playing an instrument or going outdoors.

Employees are vital assets for any organization to sustain in the long run. As stated by Sahoo and Sahoo (2018), “Organization should prioritize on employee satisfaction which could create a pleasant and productive workplace to promote organizational performance along with employees’ professional development”. However, any employee must also put in the effort to maintain a good relationship with their management. The course provided good tips to build a better relationship with a manager- such as having regular check-in, treating colleagues with respect, accountability and consistency. A few of the points mentioned in the article are aspects that I will need to work on. For instance, taking initiative with regards to public speaking and making presentations. One tip that stood out to me was to plan and discuss with my manager to provide a feedback on my performance to better improve my knowledge, skills and abilities.


My internship with Kinkisharyo International LLC gave me the experience of a working environment and the ability to put my knowledge to practical skills while also learning new ones. The course materials of this class taught me the aspects of sustaining in a work place and assist in my personal and professional growth through journaling and portfolio.


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In a 3 – 4 page paper based on your internship course experiences and the learning objectives achieved, review your internship experience successes and challenges leading to growth.  You should include in your paper a description of your professional portfolio, with examples which provide evidence of accomplishments that you have acquired during this session.

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Internship Experience Successes and Challenges Leading to Growth

Provide at least two (2) references, including one (1) peer-reviewed sources. If you have completed this CLA assignment in an internship course prior to this class, select new examples and sources to support your response. For questions, contact your instructor.

Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources. If you have completed this CLA2 assignment in an internship course prior to this class, select new examples and sources to support your response. For questions, contact your instructor.

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